Yulin Dog Meat Trade Festival rescue dogs arrive at NSALA from China

Animal Hope and Wellness rescued 16 dogs from China and North Animal League America is finding them homes.

One festival that made huge news for all the wrong reasons was China’s Yulin Dog Meat Trade festival that had quite a huge spotlight shown on it from all forms of media including Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

North Shore Animal League America joined forces with Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation to physically get in and rescue 16 dogs for a better life here in America.

Media outlets have reported that the Chinese government has banned the selling of dog meat at the festival. The Humane Society International along with Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project put out a press release claiming that the Yulin government is ‘set’ to ban restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at its summer festival in June, but many animal welfare organizations are cautiously optimistic about this.

“People will be fined only if the Chinese government finds them, but how many resources are they actually allocating to this?” has been a big question among many animal welfare and animal right organizations.

Another animal welfare organization in China said that while the Chinese government is making this claim, this is a claim they’ve made every year. “Look, it would be like people from another country who think the lobster or beef industry trade is cruel and tried to force their ideals on Americans. The dog meat trade is a cultural thing, so don’t expect the selling of dog meat to just magically stop because such a huge stink was made about it.”

Not the greatest news, but having groups like North Shore Animal League America and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation closely watching this and fighting for these dogs lives, they are making a difference. You can also make a huge difference by either contributing to these fine animal welfare organizations or adopting from them. Heck, even just spreading the word about them by sharing this is a huge help.

We’ve been teaming up with NSALA for our weekly Rescue Me features because of their amazing reputation and we’ve known them since 2006 so we’re proud to be linked to them in helping so many animals find great homes.

Here’s some great images of the dogs that arrived on Monday at NSALA’s Port Washington location:

Photos: Courtesy of North Shore Animal League America

fight yulin dog meat trade festival

You can contact them if you’re interesting in adopting any of these rescue dogs who are getting a second chance at a wonderful life.

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