Remain apathetic if you want Donald Trump as your next President

reamin apathetic if you want donald trump as your next president 2016 images

Remain apathetic if you want Donald Trump as your next President 2016 images

This is not a drill people. If enough Americans do not actively pay attention to what’s going on with this presidential election (or negligently do nothing), we are all doomed come November 8th. And by doomed I mean we are screwed if Donald Trump becomes president.

As the time to vote draws nigh, I am amazed to see the number of people who support this man. But no matter how many times I write about this or other writers write about this, the message we are trying to get across is valid and will never grow old- Donald Trump is not fit to be president.

There are a number of factors that support this truth, and many of them were made crystal clear during the first presidential debate. Since said debate last week, the implications of a Trump administration have been on my mind more than ever. I did not believe that I could be more disgusted, frightened and enraged. But after seeing the fiasco that took place in Hempstead, NY, between Hillary Clinton and him, I have come to the conclusion that this man is running for president on a whim. You know, like it’s just another thing to do. There is no seriousness, validity or real desire to move America in any direction. There can’t be with his answers and the way he behaved himself.

Now, Trump said a lot of things during the debate. His stances on China, Mexico, jobs and ISIS lack support, common sense and diplomacy; we all know that. But it is his statement about being smart for not paying taxes that concern me the most. It is a telling sign that he definitively believes he is above the rest of us. People who think that way act that way. Do we want someone out of touch with our daily realities making decisions that affect our quality of life?

Since his bout with diarrhea of the mouth, naturally people have fact checked his tax history. What we have learned is a great indication of the type of man we are dealing with. According to many sources, there is a good chance he has not paid taxes for almost 20 years. While that is appalling, for someone like Trump, to me, it is not that surprising. He is a man who reeks of entitlement. And from my experience of being around men who have no checks and balances in their dealings in business and with people, finding a way to legally evade something like paying taxes is one of their characteristics. They are above the law and how dare anyone call them out on it.

The thing about all of this that people have to understand is that the system Trump says is rigged, indeed is for those like him. Furthermore, HE KNOWS IT. But there are some really dumb Americans that, for whatever reasons, think that he can effectively lead this country.

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Wake up folks! He does not plan to help anyone but the people in his income bracket, and that is straight from his mouth during the debate. Here you have a man who wrote off nearly $1 billion in losses from 1995 per the tax info released by The New York Times (NYT) recently. That write-off enabled him to offset his income for decades. That’s sounds like self-interest and greed to me.

Trump vehemently calling out the “corruption” and the need to “Make America great again” is just a smoke screen that redirects the attention from his intentions and who he really is. He plagues on the fears and simplemindedness of people. How can those who support him not see that?

When you delve deeper into how Trump was and is able to legally skip out on paying taxes, an even more sinister and inequitable fact comes to light. There are tax breaks that people in real estate and other industries get that us common folks will never have access to. According to a Washington Post article written by Allan Sloan, who has a background in finance, the special tax break that real estate developers receive is yet another benefit the rich uses to increase their wealth. This happens while the middle class is disappearing because of higher costs of living and lower wages. How can someone who favors the upper-class and the elite ever really understand people who struggle to pay their bills? Or better yet, people who make a decent living but still have to save up for three years in order to go on that special family vacation? A person’s inability to understand where others come from is a hint that they will not understand what they need either.

The guy has an appeal that I would never support but sadly, get. He is an attractive candidate to people who think like he does or who aspire to build a name like he has. He looks good to the racists, bigots and sexist misogynists who finally have someone they can count on to let them live out their beliefs in public. He is cool to people who have no filter and pop off at the mouth. But none of these things outweigh what a lot of folks are too blind to see. He has no plan, and his only concern is how he can go down in history books.

Donald Trump is petty. He doesn’t like to lose, and he doesn’t like to think that he isn’t good enough to be something like President of the United States. But the truth is he has not shown us anything that signifies he can handle the role. He continues to throw tantrums and display behavior that is in direct contrast to what’s needed to successfully lead. Furthermore, a man who sees nothing wrong with heinously judging and objectifying women is the last person we need running this country.