Randy Moss feels refs at fault for NFL ratings tanking

randy moss feels refs at fault for nfl ratings tanking 2016 images

Randy Moss feels refs at fault for NFL ratings tanking 2016 images

Randy Moss Blames Refs for NFL Ratings Disaster as Officials Botch End of Saints-Broncos Game

Is it just me, or have referees in the NFL gotten progressively worse and worse as the season goes on? I mean, wow. Things are getting bad. And yet commissioner Roger Goodell still doesn’t understand why the league’s ratings are plummeting?

Did you see the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills matchup last Monday? Talk about botching a game. Richard Sherman dove right for the kicker’s planted leg. And then on the last play of the game, no matter how many times Seahawks fans say it was legal, leveling a defenseless wide receiver is mess up.

The officials from that game didn’t work Week 10; however, they were not punished for their screw ups. Future Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss didn’t like that. In fact, he thinks the constant presence of the officials in the games has contributed to the sharp decline in viewership.

“I think they should be held accountable like any player or any coach in the National Football League. My question is: Aren’t we in this together? Coaches, players—the referees are there too. I remember at the beginning of the week I think Roger Goodell said something, made a statement about that they weren’t going to make them full-time officials, and me and Matt [Hasselbeck] we were talking in our production meeting about ‘Well, if they’re not full-time officials and they have second jobs then that means they cannot really focus on the job that we need them to focus on. You know, ratings are dropping very fast in this National Football League but why each and every week are we talking about the officiating?’”

Week 10 is no different. Yet again, the zebras make the headlines, screwing up the review at the end of the New Orleans Saints matchup with the Denver Broncos. After blocking the extra point attempt that would have given the Saints the lead, the Broncos brought the ball back for two game-sealing points of their own. The return man, Will Parks, stepped out of bounds on the way back (something even the Broncos admitted on the sideline). It seemed pretty clear to everyone watching, but the refs reviewed and allowed the play to stand as called.

Note to teams everywhere: wear white cleats. The refs won’t call you out.