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Tom Brady, Randy Moss of 2007 vs Matt Ryan and Julio Jones

Let’s get deep into the Super Bowl 51 matchup. Why not dive further into the hypothetical world of the biggest football game of the season? Sure, our comparison of QB / WR greatness will seem a bit odd.

Randy Moss feels refs at fault for NFL ratings tanking

Randy Moss Blames Refs for NFL Ratings Disaster as Officials Botch End of Saints-Broncos Game

Week 14 NFL Fantasy Outliers for DraftKings

Get ready for week 14 with a list of my favorite outliers for every single NFL game for week 14. Yes it's a lot of info. No I don't have a lot of free time. I just forgo sleep in order to help you all have a better shot at winning a big money tournament on DraftKings

2014 NFL Trade Deadline Bringing No Drama

The last big trade involved New England taking a seemingly washed up and disinterested Randy Moss off the hands of Oakland for a 4th round pick. Moss was rejuvenated after getting out of that black hole

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