POWER 206 & 207: Why Her Recap

power 208 recap images three moved ahead

power 208 recap images three moved aheadOkay, so “Power” has really been heating up and since we skipped last week, here is the two week recap that will get you right up to speed.

Last week, in the episode entitled “Why, Her” we see that Angela is really not playing with Ghost. But neither is Tasha. Angie continues to fall into Ghosts deceit but she is not totally fooled. She has some things brewing in the background that she is not telling him about. Her emotional state is also unstable because of knowing that the man that she loves is actually the man she has been after all this time.

She tells Holly that she will honor her agreement to get her and Tommy off the hook if she gives her the evidence she needs to prove that James is Ghost. Holly says she can produce the gun that she believes he gave Tommy the night Rolla was killed. While she does get a gun to Angela, it is the wrong one.

Tasha deals with Tariq acting up in school. After he gets into a fight, she has a talk with the principle who is all up in her business by the way. She mentions the importance of boys needing their fathers and Tasha reminds her who gave them the money they needed during a time of need.

Tasha later gives in to her feelings and desires for Shawn and they get it all the way on in the back seat of the car in drives her husband around in. It looks good and feels good I’m sure for her to get hers.

Ghost calls an introductory meeting with all the local distributors (except for Kanan) to quickly move the product because Lobos is headed into town. During the meeting it is clear that the Serbians might serve as a big problem for them.

Ruiz cozies up to Dre in an attempt to get him on his side while still working for Ghost and Kanan but his loyalty only extends to him.

Tasha shows how badass she is telling Ghost, who she had to pick up from the police station because of a minor accident (Angela also showed up at the station and then left when her and Tasha’s eyes met), to keep “fucking that bitch until I tell you to stop” because it is best for everyone for him to keep Angela happy.

In the end, Holly breaks down and tells Tommy everything that happened with the FBI trying to nail him. He goes offs, calling her all kinds of names. She walks out with tears in her eyes leaving him hand cuffed to the bed.

power 208 three moves ahead recap 2015 imagesNow, for this week. Tommy is still reeling from Holly leaving. What she told him makes him a paranoid, which ends up saving the day as his hunch of the business being searched is right. They were able to move the money from the laundry mat without police knowing.

Tasha catches up with Jamie to make sure everything is going right with Angela. He tells her it is. He also tells her that Tommy is going to kill Angela and she needs to stop him for the best interest of everyone. She reluctantly agrees and right when he is about to do it, she hops in the car and talks him out of it.

Angela asks for an arrest warrant for Tommy but it is denied because the judge does not feel there is enough evidence to grant one. Angela knows that the only way to get what she wants is with Holly’s help.

She uses her relationship with Ghost to find out where Holly is. He tells her he sent her away under the name Monica Moore because of a fight that she got into with Tommy.

Ghost increasingly becomes suspicion of Shawn. With Kanan MIA, James thinks that Shawn is keeping shit from him because whenever he approaches him, he hangs up the phone. Little does he know, he’s on the phone with Tasha.

Back at the club, James uses Dominique, an employee Kantos likes, to lure him away from his desk to look at Stern’s books. He finds out he’s funneling money out of the club. He brings the info to Stern’s wife since they are getting a divorce in a hope to hatch a deal that will get him is club back.

Speaking of divorce, Tasha finds out from her lawyer that if she tries to leave James, she will walk away with nothing because of the prenup she signed when she was 20 years old. This leaves her sad but she has Shawn to cheer her up and they have crazy, nasty sex in her shower.

Angela finally catches up with Holly at a hotel. Holly tells her that she and Tommy had a fight, James helped her get away and that she lied about him being Ghost. She then kicks Angela out and we see that Ghost heard everything thanks to Holly secretly having him on the phone during their conversation.

In the end, Angela and Ghost seem to be back on as she spends the night at his house (and also mentions to him that she really wants to get Lobos). But while he’s sleep, she gets on the phone with a mystery man who helps her make a clone of Ghost’s phone so she will see everything he’s doing. He also made one for himself.

Only three more episodes and I’m on edge.