POWER FInale 210 Recap: Ghost Is Dead

power 210 ghost is dead recap 2015

power 210 ghost is dead recap 2015We got an early look at the season finale of  “Power,” Ghost Is Dead and oh boy, it is a doozy.

Last week, pretty much, Angie found out that Jamie is Ghost, who messed up her case to convict Tommy, which would have convicted Lobos. When Angie would not help get Tommy off, which is what James asked her to do, he took matters into his own hands by stealing the sketch of Tommy that Ruiz’s daughter drew for Angie which was illegal of her to do because she is under age. Tommy’s lawyer presented it, the judged scolded Angela for withholding it and dismissed the case.

In the meanwhile, Kanan’s plan to have his son Shawn kill Ghost is a no go as the young man just couldn’t do it (and James found out he’s been screwing his wife in the process). So what does good ole’ dad do? Kills him. Yea, Kanan ain’t shit. And it’s really messed up because Shawn and Tasha were supposed to leave that night together.

It ends with Angie feeling hurt, Greg confronting her about how everything went down, Angele telling him the truth (kind of) and they plotting to nail James as Ghost.

power finale ghost is dead images 2015And here we are today…the season two finale. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR FINALE

Jamie can’t seem to understand that what he and Angela had is over as he continues to call and text her. She ignores him and we see her change his name in her phone from James to Ghost to “Do Not Answer.”

She’s up early to see her boss and he doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say but she talks him in to listening to her as she has something to tell him that she “should have said week’s ago.”

Later, Greg finds out that Angela has one upped him, making him seem like a stalker who’s emotions got the best of him with the case. She files a sexual harassment complaint against him, which causes him to be suspended. She’s a cold bitch for that one.

Tasha makes Tommy breakfast and as he eats, he tells her everything (that he thinks he knows) including how Ghost and Angela are through. This prompts Tasha to secretly call Shawn to see where he is, since she hasn’t heard from him.

Tasha shows up at Ghost’s office and this nigga turns the tables on her. He tells her that his sleeping with Angela was all part of his plan but Tasha’s sleeping with Shawn was not. He blames her for almost messing everything up and pretty much tells her to choose between leaving with nothing or staying… probably with nothing still.

Ghost really came up with getting back Stern. He staged a robbery of Truth’s offices which was to steal papers that helped Stern’s wife get everything and more in their divorce, which then allowed him to buy back Truth and two other clubs. He did a beast mode move.

He confronts Angela at her apartment and she lays him out. She lost everything when he got Tommy off, which means her family loses everything. She tells him to fuck off and leaves him standing cold.

Holly is back in the picture and is screwing up everything. She ambushes Tommy in the park while he walks the dog. She tells him that Ghost is the one that sent her away and gives him a bag of “evidence” which includes her fake ideas.

Back at Truth, Trey, Kanan’s minion, shows up to talk to Ghost (who pulls a gun out on him when he first comes in). He tells him that Kanan killed Shawn and Ghost is sick to his stomach. Trey tells him he wants to work with him because he’s through with Kanan. But of course this is not the case. It was all a front as he is indeed still working with crazy ass Kanan.

In jail, Lobos actually gets clipped in his jail cell. Throughout the whole episode, a hit man has been killing major players and leaving a “La Arana” card on them.

Ghost traps Kanan and the two have the much awaited confrontation we have all been waiting for. They fight and Kanan seems to get the upper hand as he smothers Ghost with a bag and all of a sudden, Ghost stabs him. Fifty, I mean Kanan, dies and Ghost burns his ass to cover it up.

The End

A lot happens in the finale, so here is what you need to know.

Tommy shows up after Ghost kills Kanan and goes off on him about sending Angela away. Ghost tells him he is the one who killed all the distributors because he’s out and leaving the business to him. Tommy doesn’t believe him and pulls a gun on him. Ghost pulls his gun and Trey shows up, pulling his gun on Tommy. Tommy leaves and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Ghost anymore.

Later, Angela pays a visit to Jamie at his place and tells him that she can’t be with Ghost. He says that Ghost is gone for good and now they can have everything they ever wanted.

Tasha also gets a call that Shawn is dead and goes to identify the body.  She tells Kesha that she knows who did it, which I’m pretty sure she thinks is Ghost

Greg, who is obviously salty that Angela screwed him surprises Angela in the basement of her apartment. He tells her that he knows what she did, Ghost is going down and she’s going with him.

Angela’s boss is an informant for Lobos as he pays him a visit in the hospital, gives him a phone and calls him boss.

One of Lobos’s men finds Tommy in the park and hands him a phone. It’s Lobos and tells Tommy to kill Ghost or he will kill them both, Holly and their dog.

Ghost gets receives a bloody “La Arana” card, which pretty much tells him to watch his back.

Cops investigate the fire that Jamie started and they find that someone broke out. So….um… yea Kanan is probably alive.

It was heavy ya’ll, do you hear me? And no doubt next season is going to blow us away.