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Jennifer Cheon on getting ‘Supernatural’ killed by Jensen Ackles

Jennifer Cheon recently played a demon – Ronnie – in the newest episode of Supernatural, Stuck in the Middle (With You). Ronnie is one of Crowley’s many minions, and her job is quite simple

Donavon Stinson talks ‘Supernatural’ and being friends with Jensen Ackles

First Blood – the first Supernatural episode after “hellatus” – included Wally, a hunter who turns down Mick Davies’s offer of a “better world” with flair. Played by Donavon Stinson, Wally is definitely the man’s man

Lisa Chandler talks ‘Supernatural’ stunts and Jensen Ackles private dancing

Lisa Chandler, stunt performer extraordinaire, has been in multiple episodes of Supernatural, being stunt doubles for many characters including Amara and Sheriff Mills.

‘Supernatural’ Saturday Night Special with Rob Benedict and Jensen Ackles recap

We were fortunate to have one of our readers who's a huge "Supernatural" fan send us a recap of the Saturday Night Special the Creation Entertainment hosts put together alongside the convention this past weekend.

‘The Boys’ Season 3 Finale tackles Fathers, Sons and power of choice deep dive review

The Boys Season 3 finale really tackles intergenerational trauma that can lead to father son toxic masculinity. FangasmSPN tackles it all in her review.

‘The Boys’ 304 Premiers Solider Boy bringing back the Ackles Ass Equation

The Boys 304 introduced Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy with quite the splash and FangasmSPN goes into deep detail on the Glorious Five Year Plan episode.

Andrea Drepaul talks ‘Supernatural’ Melanie taking on Jensen Ackle’s Michael

Andrea Drepaul got a memorable scene with Jensen Ackles as Michael in Supernatural's Gods and Monsters. Our @FangasmSPN gets into the details on Andrea's Jensen time.

‘Supernatural’ Tackles Some Emotional Unfinished Business before Season 13 finale

Supernatural leads up to its Season 13 finale Beat the Devil with Unfinished Business that has director Richard Speight Jr pulling off Gabriel and Loki. Lynn Zuberniss breaks it down on how he did it.

Love ‘The Boys?’ Supes Ain’t Always Heroes Takes a Deep Dive Into What Makes Its Complex Characters Tick

Amazon Primes The Boys has its first unauthorized book with interviews from Jensen Ackles is going to hit this fall from our Lynn Zuberniss. Here's what to expect.

‘The Winchesters’ Hang Onto Your Life Brings Back Dean Winchester – for his Birthday!

The Winchesters Returns with more Dean Winchester for Jensen Ackles birthday in 1.07.

‘The Boy’s Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies 3.05 Deep Dive

The Boys 3.05 delved deep into Soldier Boy aka Jensen Ackles back story along with Paul Reiser as a Stan Lee type. FangasmSPN gives her deep dive on this episode.

‘The Boys’ 3.05 Amps Into High Gear; Early Non-Spoiler Review

After Jensen Ackles rear broke Amazon Prime, The Boys 3.05 is back in high gear as FangasmSPN reviews. The Last time to look on this world of lies.

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