Donavon Stinson talks ‘Supernatural’ and being friends with Jensen Ackles

donavon stinson talks superantural and being friends with jensen ackles 2017 images

Donavon Stinson talks 'Supernatural' and being friends with Jensen Ackles 2017 images

First Blood – the first Supernatural episode after “hellatus” – included Wally, a hunter who turns down Mick Davies’s offer of a “better world” with flair. Played by Donavon Stinson, Wally is definitely the man’s man version of a hunter … rough around the edges, but a good all-around guy. Recently, Donavon has been in Lucifer, in addition to previous appearances in Call Me Fitz and Reaper.

Tell us about your character, Wally. How do you think he got into the hunter’s life?

Well, My idea of Wally is that he’s been a trucker for years, and I think that on his many trips hauling across the country, driving all hours of the day and night, he witnessed things that he couldn’t explain, some good, some… not so good. His curiosity eventually led him to people with the same or similar experiences, and, because of that, found his way to the American Hunters. He’s a quick study, and read up on everything he could about everything supernatural, he doesn’t consider himself to be a warrior but feels that he must protect people from the things that go bump in the night.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you while filming?

I’ve done many things while filming that could be considered embarrassing. I try not to think about them as it would keep me up at night for years. I will say that my most awkward moment was while filming a series I was on called “Call Me Fitz” with the amazing Jason Priestly, I had to do a scene where my character Josh was a waiter for a party that was being held for single moms whose kids were at daycare (man this is hard to explain) and all I was wearing was an apron. I still apologize to the crew that I’ve seen since then for the visual.

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What did you enjoy most about filming for Supernatural?

Man, where do I start, I’ve known Jensen for about ten years now as a friend, He’s just what you would imagine. A dick. Haha, just kidding, he’s the best, hilarious, kind, caring, handsome as all get out. So going in I knew my friend would make me feel comfortable, then I met Jared and Misha and they welcomed me as if I was an old friend. It’s hard for an actor to come into a show that’s well established, The cast and crew are a family, and as an actor that’s only there for a bit, you kind of feel like this long lost cousin that just showed up at the doorstep, and everyone is judging you. Not Supernatural, they welcomed me like I had always been there. Like I was family.

Do you have any funny moments to share (from filming for Supernatural)?

Lot’s but probably would get me in trouble.

Any upcoming projects that you’d like to share?

Currently filming the third season of Lifetimes UnReal and just finished a horror comedy called DEAD SHACK, that I think Supernatural fans will love.