Jennifer Cheon on getting ‘Supernatural’ killed by Jensen Ackles

jennifer cheon on getting supernatural killed by jensen ackles 2017 images

Jennifer Cheon on getting 'Supernatural' killed by Jensen Ackles 2017 images

Like many Vancouver-area actors, Jennifer Cheon has been in a variety of productions over the past few years; from The 100, to Lucifer, and Travelers as well. Cheon recently played a demon – Ronnie – in the newest episode of Supernatural, Stuck in the Middle (With You). Ronnie is one of Crowley’s many minions, and her job is quite simple – to keep everyone away from Prince of Hell, Ramiel.

Tell us about your character, Ronnie.

She is one of my favourite characters I have played. Her and I couldn’t be more opposite. Ronnie is bad to the bone. She gives zero f***s, she takes joy in people’s pain. Not to mention she is a demon. She is that demon you love though. It’s so much fun playing a character like her. To be so unapologetic. Ronnie has been to hell and she loves it there. She would rule hell and enjoy every minute of it.

What do you enjoy most about being an actress?

Oh man, everything! I love the whole process. From the moment I get my sides for the audition, to the first fitting, to arriving at my mark and mapping out the scene. Becoming a part of something with other actors, directors and the whole crew is truly wonderful. To get to entertain people is a privilege I will never take for granted. Especially with everything going on in our world right now, I think it is important to make people laugh and escape.

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Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share?

If you ever find yourself on the set of Supernatural, you will feel so welcomed. The cast and crew are just a bunch of fantastic people. We had a lot of fun shooting this episode. I forgot sometimes that it was work :)  Part of my scenes for this episode were outside. It was so cold, muddy and wet. We were all running around slipping and sliding while trying to still look cool. Regardless of the weather conditions we had a blast, I just hope the audience can’t tell how cold and wet we really where.

What made you decide to become an actress?

Oh, so many reasons. One, I was always performing. I grew up dancing. The stage was actually the one place I felt the most comfortable. I was not popular in school; I was bullied pretty much all through 1- 12. So movies and TV shows where my escape. I saw Terminator 2. I fell in love with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and just wanted to be her. She would destroy a bully. Following the movie was a behind-the-scenes making of the film, and that was what really made me want to be an actor. I fell in love with how they put together a film like that, and I knew I needed to be a part of that world.

What are your goals in acting? (Anyone specific you want to work with, a show you want to be on, etc.)

Some of my goals specifically in acting are to be able to play as many diverse roles as I can. Some of my dream roles are to be Catwoman or Pocahontas. In terms of shows, I would love to be a part of the cast in Orange is the New Black. I’m a huge fan of the show. But really my goal is to just be able to do this for the rest of my life. Be able to reach out to kids like me back in the day. Entertain :) Some people I would love to work with are Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. His style of shooting has changed the game. Quentin Tarantino (who doesn’t want to be in a Tarantino film?!). If I could ever get the privilege to share the screen with anyone it would be Cher, Benicio Del Toro and obviously Meryl Streep (not an original answer for an actor I know, but duh). That would be incredible!

What was your favourite scene to film?

My favourite one would have to be when I was fighting Donavon Stinson/Wally. I love shooting fight scenes. I get really excited when I can do my own stunts. Donavon and I have worked/fought each other many times before in past projects. So we could really trust one another. On set, they give you many versions of the weapon you are using — one for the close-up, which is usually the real-ish one. The second being the rubber one to be used in fight sequences. We used the real-ish one more because we know the way one another moves etc. We could really trust one another. We wanted to give the fans something real. Plus he knew I wasn’t really going to stab him, but he did put up quite a fight. I was a bit sore in the morning.

Were you familiar with Supernatural before you were cast?

I was very familiar with Supernatural. I pretty much grew up with the show. After I graduated from high school, I was modeling at the time. I wanted to make some extra money in between gigs. My agent back then suggested to do background work. So I did, and one of the first sets I ever worked on was Supernatural. I told myself one day, I would be a character on this show. So when I got the absolute pleasure of walking on to that set years later, I was over the moon!

What was it like working with Mark Sheppard?

Oh man, he is so lovely, he is hilarious! It was tons of fun working with him. Such a talented actor. He just nails Crowley.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I do. I have a film coming out later this year. It’s called The Layover, directed by one of my favourite people, William H. Macy. You can also find me on a series called Zoo, I play a character named Erika. I am super excited to start work on that. Then in the late spring, I will be starting work on our second season of a web series called The Drive. I hope you all check it out. :)

Last but not least — tell us about being Killed by Jensen …

Pretty freaking cool! I mean I was hoping to have more time being Ronnie, because I fell in love with her. But if anyone is going to take her out, I am glad it was one of the Winchester boys. :) I do secretly hope Ronnie being a demon and all, she finds a way back to fight Dean again.