New CRIMSON PEAK Images Show Tom Hiddleston Has Something To Give

tom hiddleston with mia in crimson peak 2015

crimson peak trailer images 2015

The first official trailer (both US and international which are below) for the much anticipated Crimson Peak directed by Guillermo del Toro has been released and it’s so much better than the first teaser! Plus we’ve got about fourteen new images for you to check out!

crimson peak exterior snow images 2015

This movie has been talked about for years and die-hard Del Toro fans such as myself have been waiting breathlessly for it it! The new trailers which clock in at over 2 minutes gives you a wider perspective of the stories plot line. In the trailer, a young woman is grieving after a family tragedy. After the tragedy, the aspiring author is torn between loving her childhood friend and the romantic temptation from a mysterious outsider.

crimson peak movie images 2015

When trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she ends up marrying a man she knows little about, but has huge secrets. Soon the young woman finds herself completely swept up in a house that’s alive, bleeding and remembering its horrific past.

tom hiddleston crimson peak movie images 2015tom hiddleston jessica chastain in crimson peak 2015

tom hiddleston with mia in crimson peak 2015While both trailers definitely expand upon the movie, he US trailer was a bigger winner in taking my breath away (no, I’m not just saying that as an America) it’s actually true.

ghost lurking in crimson peak 2015 images

It’s hard to put your finger on what exactly makes the US trailer so much better than the international trailer. To start off, the US trailer does show a few scenes that the international trailer does not. Many of these are deliciously Gothic and pulse pounding so it takes away from the intensity of the international trailer not to have them.

crimson peak woman 2015 images

Both movies give you a well rounded view of the talented cast which includes Tom Hiddleston (from the Avengers and Thor movies), Charlie Hunnman (Son’s of Anarchy) and Jessica Chastain (Mama). The US trailer does include some more dramatic close-ups of the actors while the international film has longer far away shots.

Mia Wasikowska crimson peak bloody tubs 2015 images

There’s more of a light and airy feel about the international trailer which just seems wrong for a movie that is clearly a dark Gothic romance. Each trailer hints at some sexy scenes and though I find neither lead to be particularly attractive, what’s a good Gothic romance without some good sex!

ghost rising from crimson peak 2015

Tom Hiddleston does seem like a great replacement for or an even better choice to play the lead male role than Benedict Cumberbatch. I know he’s all the rage right now, but there’s something more dark and mysterious about Hiddleston that Cumberbatch wouldn’t be able to pull off as well from his looks alone. I’m sure acting wise he could, but Hiddleston just brings the darkness upon sight.

blood demon in tub crimson peak 2015 images

demon ghost from crimson peak 2015

ghost playing piano in crimson peak 2015 images

blood ghost from crimson peak 2015 images

Both trailers prove that the special effects will be epic. Del Toro announced that as much as the castle was built as possible, but it is clear that there is some major CGI involved. It’s flawlessly done however, and in no way comes across as big and clunky.

jessica chastain bloody in crimson peak 2015

The release date for this film is October 16, 2015. It’s just in time for Halloween and my birthday so, thank you Guillermo Del Toro, you have made my days darker and more exciting once again!

Crimson Peak Trailer 1

Crimson Peak International Trailer 1