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Tag: Jessica Chastain

Popular Movies About Gambling

Many movies about gambling have come and gone, but here are the best ones of the batch.

CRIMSON PEAK Featurette Sneaks In

The movie Crimson Peak just arrived in theaters in time for Halloween. The movie is about a young woman named Edith who marries the seductive Sir Thomas Sharpe. Shortly after they wed, Thomas takes her to live with him in his remote gothic mansion set in the English hills.

Latest Matt Damon Shots From THE MARTIAN

Immediately following Matt Damon’s venture out into space in 2014’s Interstellar, he returns back to space, this time landing on Mars in the upcoming film The Martian.

New CRIMSON PEAK Images Show Tom Hiddleston Has Something To Give

The first official trailer (both US and international which are below) for the much anticipated Crimson Peak directed by Guillermo del Toro has been released and it’s so much better than the first teaser! Plus we've got about fourteen new images for you to check out!

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