‘Mr Robot’ 204 Two Into One with plenty of Adderall

mr robot 2014 two into one with plenty of adderall 2016 images

'Mr Robot' 204 Two Into One with plenty of Adderall 2016 images

This week’s all-new episode of Mr. Robot “eps2.2init1.asec“ shows Elliot furthering his relationship with Ray (played by Craig Robinson). In addition, Elliot’s sister Darlene begins questioning whether F Society should be more concerned about the FBI or Dark Army.

The episode opens up with a flashback of Darlene knocking on Elliot’s door donning the now infamous F Society mask. She ends up convincing him to hang out with her for the evening. Together, they watch a fictional movie they had watched growing up called The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie  – which subsequently shows where the F Society mask originated. This flashback is established to be pre-hack, as Elliot tells his sister that Angela is trying to get him a job at AllSafe. He explains that he was fired from his job (working for “Wall Street psychos” as referred to by Darlene) and is now being forced to see a shrink.

After getting all riled up talking to his sister, Elliot takes out his father’s old “Mr. Robot” jacket and puts on the mask Darlene had been wearing. Mischievously, he devises a plan, in which he explains that he will land a job at AllSafe so that he can become a “Trojan horse” and take down “Evil Corp.”

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Flash-forward and we now see the siblings in the present (post-hack). Darlene pays Elliot a visit and tries to convince him to get onboard with F Society’s ambitious mission. However, Elliot refuses and advises her to stop, pointing out that his former boss Gideon was murdered solely because of their E Corp hack. After hearing this, Darlene decides to keep the news of Romero’s death to herself.

Over at F Society’s old hideout, the boardwalk arcade, FBI agent Dominique is seen checking every crook and cranny for clues leading to the truth of F Society. While there isn’t much, the FBI does manage to find a single bullet that was hidden behind one of the arcade games.

Meanwhile, Elliot decides to expand his social network (from that of just Leon) and is seen playing a game of chess with Ray. Ray seems to know more than he lets on, as he senses the “burdens” that Elliot is carrying in his mind. Elliot begins contemplating whether he should just spill all of his inner secrets and stop trying to avoid Mr. Robot. Ray ends up lending him his chessboard and advises him to confront his internal struggle.

Shortly after, Elliot pays his therapist Krista a visit and talks openly about Mr. Robot. He refuses to let Krista talk with Mr. Robot, as he doesn’t want to “legitimize” him. Krista ends up advising him not to fight his alter ego, as he is a part of him and it can be very dangerous for him to do so.

E Corp CEO, Philip Price is seen having a top-secret phone call with Dark Army’s White Rose. While Price is still formulating a plan, White Rose is getting impatient and nervous about the fact that the FBI is snooping around. At this point it becomes clear that Angela isn’t merely an employee for E Corp, she is also a pawn in Price’s developing scheme.

Tyrell’s wife Joanna runs off to E-Corp CTO Knowles’ house to try and get her missing husband’s severance. She tells him that she will testify against her husband in the case of Knowles’ wife’s murder (which Tyrell is guilty of) in exchange for the money. Unfortunately, Knowles declines this offer and is adamant on ensuring Tyrell’s family suffers for his actions (even though Knowles is just speculating about his involvement in the murder at this point).

Darlene has a short meet up with her Dark Army connection, Cisco. He warns her about the speed in which the FBI has managed to catch on to their trail.

In an attempt to figure out the whole Mr. Robot situation, Elliot brings out a chessboard and proceeds to play a game against his alter ego. He is determined to have a winner in a match, but the games continue to end in a stalemate. This makes sense, as both Elliot and Mr. Robot know what move the other one is going to make next. This scene implicitly demonstrates that perhaps there will never be a winner when it comes to Elliot’s inner-battle.

Angela confronts her boss, Philip Price, with her assumption that the reason he hired her was so that she could drop a contingency in the Washington Township’s class action lawsuit against E Corp (which she is involved in). However, he shuts down her theory and basically leaves her back at square one.

Lastly, Elliot is seen on the phone with Darlene, who pleads with him to meet up with her via computer. Elliot runs over to Ray’s house to return his chess board, as well as use his computer (note: Elliot currently has no computers in his mother’s house, where he has been staying).  He tells Ray that he is willing to do the computer work that he had asked him to do before. In reality, this offer was merely a ploy for Elliot to re-enter the cyber-world and see what danger lies ahead for F Society. When he finally gets connected, Darlene informs him that the FBI has found the F Society arcade and also that Romero was murdered.

With all of the madness that Darlene dumped on him at once, Elliot decides he has no other option but to re-enter Mr. Robot’s world; His new plan? To hack the FBI.

You can catch more Mr. Robot next Wednesday, August 3 on USA.

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Next Week on Mr. Robot:

Elliot gets deeper into the cyber hacking world. Dominique and her FBI team go to China to try and investigate the five/nine scandal further. Meanwhile, Darlene goes to Angela for help.