Movie TV Tech Geeks Awarded for Best Pop Culture, Sports & Technology News

Movie TV Tech Geeks Awarded for Best Pop Culture, Sports & Technology News

Movie TV Tech Geeks Awarded for Best Pop Culture 2016 imagesMovie TV Tech Geeks was very pleased to learn that we won three Creators Choice Awards for Best Pop Culture News, Best Sports News and Best Technology News in 2015. The site has grown enormously in the past year with over twenty writers and contributors, so being recognized this early is quite encouraging that we’ve created a place where people want to visit on a regular basis.

The Creators Choice Awards recognized both individuals and brands that are currently making an impact in both the news and social media space.

“There are so many unique voices on social media today, and we want to recognize and award the most innovative, popular and influential content creators on the planet,” said awards creator Tad Murphy. “These unique properties represent the best of the best in the world of social media, and their artistic contributions are making a huge impact in the world of online content — from long form text to short form video and photos.”

We would just like to thank the people who nominated and voted for us as it came as a wonderful surprise. When we started Movie TV Tech Geeks, we didn’t just want to have another entertainment site, we wanted to cover opinions from all walks of life, and it has generated so much discussion on both the site and all of our social media properties.

One of the things we are most proud of is teaming up with North Shore Animal League America to do a weekly feature on one of their adoptable pets as it has surpassed our wildest dreams with the results. There’s been nearly an 80 percent adoption rate from all the pets that we have featured.

After watching “Making A Murderer”, we also will be reaching out to the Innocence Project since we set out to use our site to raise awareness for issues that are very important to us. As everyone know, many people are incarcerated wrongfully, and if we can feature one from the Innocence Project each week to raise even more awareness, that would be great.

I personally got to witness the strange case of the West Memphis Three when I was developing a film project back in 2003, and we were able to raise so much awareness in the press that “Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson wound up funding Damien Echols, who was then on death row. The three young men (Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley Jr) are out now, and by just helping make people aware of these stories is what it’s all about for us. “Making A Murderer” is nearly a straight out of the book version of the West Memphis Three story and why our writers like Shane McLendon have been working hard to raise awareness for Steven Avery’s story.

2016 will continue with us on this path, and we are listening to all of our readers feedback and will continue striving to make Movie TV Tech Geeks a place where debate will be sparked, hearing opinions from both Conservatives and Liberals while also getting filled in on the latest juicy celebrity gossip and sports new.

Like with many things, we’re more than just our name as our readers have come to realize. Thank you for taking this ride with us and continuing so.


Curt Johnson is an award winning filmmaker and movie reviewer/writer on all aspects of entertainment.

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