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Tag: West Memphis Three

Peter Jackson returns with ‘Mortal Engines’ trailer plus images

Peter Jackson is back to epic fantasy with Mortal Engines directed by Christian Rivers and the first trailer looks very promising along with some great new images to check out. The filmmakers discuss their 25 years together plus bringing Rivers into the directors chair.

Throwback Video: MTV Bans Annie Lennox ‘Angel’ for occult reasons

It's hard to believe now that singer Annie Lennox came under the MTV ban hammer, but in the late 1980's there was an embarrassing thing that happened in the United States that was later termed 'Satanic Panic.'

‘Making A Murderer’ 104 Surprise Keys & Needle Holes

When we left off the last episode of “Making a Murderer,” Steven Avery was in deeper trouble due to his own nephew Brendan Dassey turning into the prosecution’s star witness.

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