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Movie TV Tech Geeks App Hits 200K Downloads

Movie TV Tech Geeks App Hits 200K Downloads

ios app images movie tv tech geeks 2015After having so many of you all test our Android and iOS free apps, Movie TV Tech Geeks has finally released them both, and we’ve had just over 200,000 downloads in a weeks time. We know that compared to game apps like Candy Crush and any Kings games that’s nothing, but we’re pretty proud of that number since we had no idea what to expect.

You can download the app for free at any of these three main places. There’s plenty of places carrying it, but rather than put them all, we’re just keeping it to three:



After getting enough e-mails from you readers about why we didn’t have one, now you have it to get your hands on. It’s pretty simple, and we’ve included our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any of the Curvy Girl Diva’s celebrity gossip podcasts or Chris Maurice with all your sports news. Also in the portal is our Facebook and Twitter sites all in one place so you don’t have to bounce around from site to site. It’s all in one spot and if you get lost, you just hit home and it brings you back to our site.

For those with iPhones and iPads, our iOS app has some cool fun game extras that many users have claimed they found addictive. I didn’t find them so addictive, but everyone’s different when it comes to that.

Since our giveaways are back, including a very special The Walking Dead Season 5 blu-ray box set, it’ll be even easier to get your chance through the app. You’ll also get to see our new fun faces for our site, the Twins who’ll be doing a lot of cool vids for us since we’ve been lucky enough to grow so fast from all you great readers. You can get a sneak peek at their first video for us here. They’re already working on a fun commercial for our app that’ll be up next month.

Also coming up, we were blessed to have the brilliant jazz singer Faith Amour write a theme song for our Curvy Girl Diva. Seems that people are reading her gossip columns and ‘For the Record’ and getting inspired, and that’s exactly what happened. After reading what Curvy Girl Diva had to say about Caitlyn Jenner in our six-part series, Amour felt that our girl deserved her own special song as a lead in to her videos. Our team here is working on it now so expect to see that next week.

Since we do some great interviews, we also had a rapper from Atlanta, GA write a theme song for our site, and we’ll be showing that next week with the video he also created. He’s promised us it’s going to be crazy amazing so all of us here can’t wait to see it.

So that’s what’s coming up in the next month, and thanks to everyone who’s downloaded the app and enjoyed it giving us a five star rating. There’s been no crashes or issues thankfully, and we want to thank all of our beta testers who were very thorough and put our app through its paces.



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