‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 208 All Bout that Nose Recap

love hip hop hollywood 208 nose 2015 images

love hip hop hollywood 208 nose 2015 imagesThis week on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” tears are a flowing and people were a going.

Amber had a conversation with Miles, over the phone, and he dropped the bomb on her that Milan is the man that he has been dating. And somehow, she is not that surprised.

Marla and Fizz have a conversation about Moniece not being there for Cameron the way that she should. She has apparently missed three weekends in which he was supposed to stay with her. Fizz tries to get through to her mother by asking her to talk to her daughter, or at least help him with Cameron. Marla turns around and says that it’s not her responsibility and that Fizz needs to take her daughter to court, get full custody, have her pay him, then hire a nanny. Fizz is shocked and actually starts crying because he can’t believe she is this messed up.

After his conversation with Marla, Fizz pays a visit to Moniece, who is working with her vocal coach at a studio. He walks in, and they immediately start arguing. Then she breaks down that no one ever has her back or is there for her. Fizz grabs her and holds her as she breaks down in his arms. Tears stream from his eyes and he tells her after speaking to her mother he understands why she is the way she is and lets her know that he is there for her.

Moniece’s mom gets a lot of play this episode as Rich Dollaz has a talk with her too. She tells him that he has to know what he is getting into to which he says he’s aware, but he wants her to do better as a mother. Marla tells him that her daughter exaggerates at times, and that can make situations seem a certain way when they are not. He understands and tells her that when it comes to his relationship with her daughter, all he can do is try his best, which he intends to do.

Nia gets a visit from her father Teddy Riley, who drops in on her as she prepares for her first “Mommy and Mimosas” event. They have a conversation about her relationship with Soulja Boy. Her daddy tells her she deserves better and that she should not deal with Soulja’s shit. She tells her dad that she hears where he is coming from, but she is willing to put up with Soulja’s shit, which for the life of me I cannot understand. Nia, please listen to your daddy.

Teairra Mari and Moniece have a conversation while they get their nails done. They talk about what Ray J told her and about what happened with Princess. TM tells her friend that she is moving on and doing for her. And the first thing she plans to take care of is her body. She is going to have lipo because she wants to walk in the fashion show she and Nikki are planning. Moniece tells her that she has her back.

Speaking of Nikki, she pays a visit to her friend Hazel E, who was in a horrible ATV accident while in Dubai. Her nose was crushed, and the doctors told her she had 48 hours to get back to the states or she was going to lose it. Teairra Mari and Milan are already there when Nikki shows up, and they all encourage Hazel because she is worried that her nose will not look right. Hazel shares with them that she doesn’t like what has been said about her in social media, etc. because it hurts her feelings.

And speaking of feelings Brandi is always in hers. She and Max meet with Nick Cannon so that she and her partner, who make up the rap duo Queenz, can and finally drop their music. Nick tells her that she needs to act right, or he is not going to listen to anything she has to say or anything she does. He feels that he has lost money dealing with her and can’t afford to waste any more time or finances. She tells him she is ready to work. So he comes up with the idea to pair her with her producer husband Max, who is a little hesitant at first but gives a whirl.

In the studio, Brandi continues to mess up, and Max is running out of patience. She feels like he’s not showing her the support she needs as her husband, and he tells her right now, he’s not married, he’s working. Brandi continues to do things that get under his skin as a producer including answering her phone. He ends up just walking out.

At the end of the episode, we are clued into a possible altercation with Amber and Milan. She is dressed in all blue and walks up in his studio session. She waits for him, and he tells his producer to give him a minute. She doesn’t look happy, and he doesn’t look like he cares.

We have to wait until next week to see what happens, but it looks like it is going to be explosive.