Joe Jonas Lands Gigi Hadid After A Decade: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

joe jonas lands gigi hadid after a decade 2015 gossip

This week’s celebrity gossip kicks off with the birth of Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s daughter. Though the child was born in early August the couple just went public with the news after TMJ acquired the baby’s birth certificate. They were reportedly able to keep the news quiet for so long because the baby was born in a private facility.

In other baby news, Ashlee Simpson recently posted the first public photo of her new daughter, Jagger, on Twitter. The photo featured Simpson and her husband Evan Ross, with Ashlee including in the picture’s caption that her husband is the best daddy in the world. Evan’s mother is none other than Diana Ross, who also tweeted her love for her new granddaughter.

On the heels of his many sexual assault charges, Bill Cosby has now lost an honorary doctorate granted to him by Fordham University. This weekend Fordham released a statement that said they revoked the degree after the public depositions Bill Cosby made in open court.

joe jonas lands gigi hadid after a decade 2015 gossipIn an ironic twist of fate, Joe Jonas is dating Gigi Hadid now, but when she was a teenager he asked her out and she turned him down. Hadid told the media that she and Jonas had been friends since the first time he asked her out. After she and Cody Simpson broke up she started dating Jonas.

Morena Baccarin recently announced that she is pregnant and the father is Ben McKenzie, her co-star on Gotham. The problem is that Baccarin is still legally married to husband Austin Chick, though they are separated. Gotham is filmed in Los Angeles and Baccarin lives in NYC. As a result, she is filing court papers to block her estranged husband from trying to claim custody of the couple’s one-year-old son so that she can leave Chick behind in L.A., go home to NYC and give birth to her and Ben’s baby.

There is no lack of baby news in Hollywood this week as Ivanka Trump has also announced she is pregnant. The baby is due early next year and Ivanka posted a video online announcing the addition to her family with Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and the father of her daughter and son.

Gisele Bundchen is coming out with a coffee table book filled with snapshots taken over the last 20 years of her modeling career. There will only be 1,000 copies of the book released and Bundchen will autograph every one of them.

Michael B. Jordan, an actor rumored to have dated Kendall Jenner, is speaking out against social media after the subject of interracial romances was criticized. The rumors of the two dating began when media took photos of them exiting this year’s Met Gala in NYC. Jordan has told the media that though he and Kendall are friends they have never dated and that right now he is just concentrating on his career.

Robert Pattinson is currently filming a movie in Northern Ireland that is angering the local farmers. Controlled explosions being executed for the movie are scaring their animals. Local farmers have stated that they were never told this movie was going to be filmed near their farms. The movie’s production team has maintained that they tried to contact each local farmer to inform them of the movie shoot.

In other Robert Pattinson news, the actor has admitted that he does not choose movies to star in based on how popular he thinks the movie will be. He said that he chooses projects based on what he wants for himself.

In breakup news, Will Forte and his girlfriend January Jones have called it quits after dating for only five months. No official word on why the two broke up but it has been documented that January Jones told her friends that being in a romantic relationship was a pain in the butt.

Allison Williams recently married Rick Van Veen at a ranch in Wyoming. Following the ceremony Williams posted a picture to her Instagram account of her wearing her wedding gown by Oscar De la Renta, which was custom made for the actress. Guests at the wedding included Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, John Mayer and Tom Hanks, who performed the wedding ceremony for Williams and Veen.

Both Kendall Jenner and Gisele Bundchen were chosen by Forbes as two of the world’s highest paid models. Gisele made the #1 spot on the list with an income of $44 million within the previous 12 months. Kendall was ranked #8 on the list with $4 million in income over the same time period.

Marc Jacobs recently hired Adriana Lima for a new campaign. The Brazilian model appears in a collection of photos promoting Jacobs fashions. He said that the reason he chose Lima is because he was looking for a model with the quality of Elizabeth Taylor.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley posed for photos for a book showing off the latest in intimate wear from Autograph. Satin and lace are featured in many of the intimate wear she modeled for the book. During an interview Rosie talked about having attempted to dye her hair as a teenager and ending up with peroxide streaks. Rosie said her hair was very damaged as a result of the many dyes she used in an attempt to cover up the streaks.

For the 95th anniversary of the Paris version of Vogue magazine four different covers were released. The four models appearing on the covers are Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Christy Turlington.

Miranda Kerr recently appeared at the Milan Fashion Week. She talked about a foundation she started in which she helped raise funds to by prosthetic legs for injured elephants. Kerr made a donation to Friends of the Asian Elephant, of $100,000.

Wrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip, on a recent Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, former Nickelodeon stars “Kenan & Kel” performed a sketch for the show. They recreate their characters from the much loved Nickelodeon kid’s TV series.