Heroes and Zeros: Tenino Washington vs Billy Bush

heros and zeros tenino washington vs billy bush 2016 images

hero tenino washington 2016 images

This week’s hero is a community that banded together in the face of hate, and the zero is a news anchor that just can’t admit he is wrong.

Hero – Tenino Washington

We can all take a note from this little community in Washington. After someone had vandalized the property of a local family who was on vacation, Tenino residents sprang into action to make sure the Phillips didn’t come home to the hatred someone spewed on their property.

The community is this week’s hero because, in a world where racism not only exists but is also freely and openly shown, we need more people like these townspeople who are combating the very thing tearing this nation apart. Vandals spray-painted racial slurs on the Phillips’ house and car. Marvin Phillips, the owner, said that nobody wanted to repeat to him what they were. Of course, after finding out he was angry, embarrassed and sad, among other things.

What these people did is so powerful. It shows that the love we have for the human race is greater and outweighs the hatred and bigotry that people have towards others for no reason. They didn’t look at the situation and say “oh, well” or “not my problem.” They put action into their belief that no one deserves to be treated the way the Phillips’ were treated.

A local woman rallied 50 volunteers who put in the time and effort to do their part in making racism disappear in their world. We all should do the same. Every time we choose to be good people and unbiased and loving and kind, we help propel the fight against racism in the right direction. Tenino residents had enough care for their fellow man to spare the victims from seeing the upsetting words.

This act of decency renews my hope and faith in people. Everyone is not so jaded by the current racial tensions in our society that they can’t do the right thing.  Tenino, Washington is my hero.

Heroes and Zeros: Tenino Washington vs Billy Bush 2016 images

Zero – Billy Bush

As long as Billy Bush has been reporting on breaking news, I would think that in the moments when he gets something wrong, he’d be big enough to admit it. But who am I kidding? He is this week’s zero because not only did he try to mansplain Ryan Lochte’s behavior; he also refuses to admit that he reported on it prematurely.

If you haven’t seen the video in which Al Roker goes in on Bush for taking up for Lochte’s actions at the Rio Olympics, you are missing out on a 1:30 seconds of good “reading.” Yes, Al goes in on him for, essentially, not calling a spade a spade. But Bush is a zero for more than just skirting around his own flubs with the story.

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In his attempt to defend himself and I guess Lochte, he says that Ryan and his pals were “kids traveling abroad. They’re great athletes, they’re great swimmers, we don’t want an apology from them.” Let’s be clear here- Lochte is not a child. In fact, he’s a 32- year- old man who has been to the Olympics before, so trying to minimize his actions by framing it as “boys just being boys” is a gross inaccuracy. Bush even says to Roker that they haven’t seen the video of vandalism and points out that someone did a “tour” of the gas station, and there’s nothing damaged. Um, what establishment wouldn’t fix the damage as soon as possible? Bush’s only admission is that Lochte “embellished” the events of what happened.

Now, as if his taking up for the vandals weren’t enough, on Monday during the TODAY Show Radio Special: Meet Billy with Jeff Rossen, he tries to explain away his own actions.

“The whole video is one minute and 40 seconds before if you look at the end, the US Olympic Committee comes over and interrupts the whole thing and stops it. So really I was just in listening mode at that.”

Then when asked if he believed Lochte when the swimmer initially told him the story, Bush says:

“Here’s what I say about Ryan Lochte. Even when he hasn’t been out all night and completely soaked in cocktails, he isn’t the best storyteller and weaver of thoughts together. So then you add that, I mean, it’s got to be even worse. So if he’s completely inventing it, it’s a miracle he can even get it straight, and he told a mellifluous tale. It flowed nicely. Something happened.”

Hmmm, let me see. Taking up for Lochte’s gross behavior and then trying to cover his own ass. Yea that sounds about right. Bush would have been better just telling the truth by saying that Lochte is totally wrong on every level and deserves whatever comes his way. But that would mean he has to admit HE fell for the lies first.

For acting like all is well and like Lochte’s actions are something we should just sweep under the rug, Billy Bush is a zero.