Heroes and Zeros: Megan Rapinoe vs Blue Ivy Haters

heroes and zeros megan rapinoe vs blue ivy haters 2016 images

Heroes and Zeros: Megan Rapinoe vs Blue Ivy Haters 2016 images

This week’s hero is a soccer player that just gets it, and the loser is, once again, the Internet. In particular, people who have said extremely inappropriate things about Blue Ivy Carter.

Hero – Megan Rapinoe

Yaaassss Megan Rapinoe. The Seattle Reign soccer player is this week’s hero. In the wake of the controversy that is NFL player Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem, she is doing her part to show solidarity by kneeling during games.

Rapione followed the example of the 49ers quarterback and “took a knee” during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” She did so over the weekend before the Seattle Reign vs. Chicago Red Stars game. This is significant.

She told American Soccer Now, specifically, that her action was a “nod to Kaepernick.” In fact, Rapinoe didn’t hold back about her feelings concerning the treatment Kaepernick has received since he decided to protest police violence against people of color (POC) in America. She told ESPNW’s Julie Foudy,

“I am disgusted with the way he has been treated and the fans and hatred he has received in all of this. It is overtly racist. ‘Stay in your place, black man.’ Just didn’t feel right to me. We need a more substantive conversation about race relations and the way people of color are treated.”

I love this! This is what we need. More people who understand that Colin, or any person of color who takes a stand against racial injustices in this country, is protesting something that affects all of us. Something that non- people of color like to brush under the rug, deny and say doesn’t exist.

She gets it. As a lesbian, Rapione admits there have been times she stood with her hand over her heart during the national anthem while feeling like her liberties have been unprotected. It’s awesome that she can relate and thus take action. I would to God that more people had the heart to do something that shows their support. It may not be sitting during the anthem, and that’s fine. But the time has far passed for us, black and white people, to sit around and hope that things get better; or turn the other way because it hasn’t affected us directly, YET. Racism and police brutality are still everyone’s problems.

It takes guts for Rapinoe to side with Kaepernick. She said that she would continue kneeling at every match going forward. To make this statement, as a gay white woman in America, for a cause like police brutality against POC, is dope.

She’s a hero.

blue ivy haters beyonce 2016 images

Zero – Blue Ivy Haters

How many times must we have this conversation? Blue Ivy Carter is a child. The people calling her ugly because, gasp, she looks like her father Jay-Z, are not only zeros, they are also losers.

I am so tired of assholes talking negatively about this little girl. And it has nothing to do with who her parents are. Anytime adults make fun of and talk about a child for their looks; it’s disgusting. People must really be miserable with their lives to go out of their way to say some of the awful things they said about this four-year-old.

It all started when she walked the red carpet with her mother at this year’s VMA’s. She looked like a divalicious, ghetto fabulous princess, but individuals on social media didn’t see it that way. Many took to Twitter and other platforms to comment on Blue’s resemblance to her father in a derogatory way. How petty are folks to be mad that this girl is a spitting image of Jay Z?

The comparison of North West, a mixed race celebrity child, and Blue is another unfortunate aspect of this situation. Too many people compare these two girls, and it is so damaging to do so. People are really shallow to relegate baby Carter as inferior because she doesn’t have “good hair?”

We have got to stop doing this to our young girls in the black community. God forbid that Blue or any famous child who gets picked on, grow up and search the Internet to find the horrible things people have said.

In these situations, all I can say is “people are stupid.” I wish simpletons would do something better with their time and energy than getting online trying to be funny or witty by making fun of a child. How can people not understand the impact of their words on a woman’s self-esteem? Idiots!

For being incredibly mean, outrageously ignorant and altogether dumb, Blue Ivy Carter haters are total zeros.