Heroes & Zeros: Kim Fields vs Drug Smuggling Flight Attendant

heroes & zeros kim fields 2016 opinion

heroes & zeros kim fields 2016 opinion

This week’s hero is a former child star who knows how to keep it moving and the zero is a flight attendant who got caught with some questionable cargo.

Hero – Kim Fields

It looked bleak for the actress turned director turned Atlanta housewife, but Kim Fields made it through a tough season. I mean, she was on the reality TV show and tried her best to keep it classy and professional, even in the midst of people like Kenya Moore being incredibly nasty toward her. But she was able to hold it together long enough to come out on top. For that reason and because she knows how to get in and get out, she is our hero.

Kim is resilient, and while some people may have something to say about her reasons for making the reality TV show rounds, none of that matters. When in questionable situations, it all comes down to how you represent yourself and from my view, Kim represented herself very well. In the face of people talking about her, calling her husband gay, judging her parenting skills and a host of other things, she kept her head up and maintained her integrity.

Now, I will admit that she was pretty boring for the most part on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It felt like I was watching an entirely different show when she was on the screen, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But just as the other housewives expressed during the first part of the season eight reunion, Kim doesn’t fit with the format of the show. And that is okay.

I love the fact that she did not miss a beat and seamlessly went from RHOA to Dancing With the Stars. Whatever her mission is, she is on it and will not stop until she reaches her goal. I am so here for it.

Because Kim Fields didn’t let the haters turn her into an ugly person and because she holds up a proverbial middle finger to the world by doing her thing, she is a hero.

heroes & zeros marsha gay reynolds 2016 opinion

Zero – Drug Smuggling Flight Attendant

The next time you try to smuggle 50-70 lbs. of cocaine in your luggage through LAX, don’t. The Jet Blue flight attendant who clearly thought she could get away with sneaking drugs through TSA is this week’s zero.

Let’s talk about this situation for a second. The Jamaican-born former beauty queen, Marsha Gay Reynolds, was “randomly” flagged for a security screening, and as soon as she realized what was going on, this chick kicked off her heels and jetted… to New York.

The thing about it is that a spokesperson for her family, Allen Jennings, says Reynolds more than likely didn’t know what was in her suitcase.

” She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags.”

Look, if you are going to effectively fight a charge like this, you have got to come up with something better than “I didn’t know.” I mean, if you didn’t know, why the hell did you take off down an upward moving escalator? That sounds pretty fishy to me. Plus, according to a statement by LAX personnel, Reynolds nervously looked around while she made a phone call as she was led to a screening room.

The woman’s bail has been set for $500,000 and get this-it may not have been the first time she has “engaged in this conduct.”

It really is a shame. The girl is 31 years old was first runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World 2008 pageant. I guess we can give her some credit because she turned herself in, but the question remains, “Why the hell did she have drugs in her suitcase in the first place?”

The situation is actually quite amusing when you realize the details sound like an episode of “Locked Up Abroad.” But being honest, the elements of this story unfold as if she has done this before. I suppose that as a flight attendant, you can get away with a lot of stuff because there is an understanding amongst other airport workers that you are an upstanding employee. However, this is totally unacceptable, and I don’t care what she or her lawyers want to explain to be the probability of what happened. What actually happened is what matters.

Smuggling drugs as a flight attendant, taking off when caught and then denying any knowledge of said drugs in screened bag make this woman a total zero.