Heroes & Zeros: Gabourey Sidibe & Mike Huckabee

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This week’s Heroes & Zeroes involves bravery of the sex scene type and a presidential hopeful who can’t make the grade.

heros zeros gabourey sidibeHero – Gabourey Sidibe and Empire

While Empire has been a little shaky with it’s ratings this season and has been equally shaky with their storylines, acting, plots, one thing it most definitely got right this week is Becky’s sex scene. For showing the whole damn world that big women like sex too, Empire is this week’s Hero.

Let me help you understand why it’s a big deal and why it matters. Plus size women get a bad rep in the industry. In the world where the Kardashians reign supreme, society doesn’t allow for real representation of different kinds of women. Big women are always the funny ones, the butt of jokes or the one that is placed in the friend zone. They never are the sex symbol or the object of someone’s affection. And when they are, the guy is less than appealing, and it’s like, “Well she should be happy someone wants her fat ass at all.” What a lame ass way of thinking.

Empire kept it classy, and they kept it real. Who wouldn’t want to bang all night with the fine piece of chocolate Becky pulled? Not only did the storyline show that big girls have and enjoy sex, but it also showed that big girls are wanted. He didn’t just hit it and quit it but begged her for more. Yes, that does happen, and people just have to accept it.

Kudos definitely go to Gabourey Sidibe because she had to put herself out there. Doing a love/sex scene is already hard enough for a lot of actresses for various reasons, but being a girl who people try to cover up and put in a box doing that kind of scene takes just a little more courage. There is no doubt that she knew people were going to say stuff (and they did), that people were going to make memes and write a lot of disgusting stuff about her and her size. But that didn’t nor does it matter because that scene needed to be done. It needed to be serious, and it needed to be treated as if Halle Berry was the woman wrapping that leg around J Poppa. And that’s exactly what it was and for that all the other thick, plus, big girls and I are thankful and salute Gabby and Empire for going there.

heroes zeros mike huckabee 2015 opinion

Zero – Mike Huckabee

Is there any doubt that this guy is a zero? The answer to that question is a resounding no. In fact, he is so much of a zero that he (along with Chris Christie) have been demoted, so to speak, for the next GOP debate and will not appear on the main stage. According to Yahoo News, Huckabee will not appear with the big boys, and it more than likely has everything to do with national opinion.

I honestly don’t know why Huckabee still runs for president. Even when I was on the other side (yes I voted Republican) he still couldn’t get the support he needed to be a viable candidate in the race. I am convinced that it has everything to do with his radical stance on a lot of the hot topics. It also didn’t help his case this time around when he aligned himself with the likes of Kim Davis.

He is not a standout in the Republican field obviously, and according to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, via Yahoo, there is no significant difference win the candidates at the bottom of the polls, so he got lumped right in with Lindsey Graham and others.

“I tell people, ‘Ignore the national polls and just follow those early states…Except that now national polls drive the debates, and debates drive the polling,” said Luntz.

According to the debate criteria that Fox Business issued (they are the debate sponsor) to make it to the “big time” candidates had to score at least a 2.5 in an average of four of the latest poll conducted through November 4th.

With this scoring, only eight of the candidates in the running will be in the prime-time debate and Huckabee will be in the undercard debate.

There is no doubt that hee is going to bow out of the race soon which begs the question to me why he gets into it in the first place. But that doesn’t really matter because he will never be president. I mean how are you ALWAYS the lesser known, lesser funded candidate when you put yourself out there every presidential run opportunity?

Only a Zero can accomplish that.