Tags Mike Huckabee

Tag: Mike Huckabee

2016 Presidential Election returning candidates scorecards: Clinton, Santorum & Huckabee

While the media has been focusing on the newer blood in the 2016 presidential election, some of the old timers who've been through this process before aren't getting the sound bitess they're used to.

Heroes & Zeros: Gabourey Sidibe & Mike Huckabee

This week’s Heroes & Zeroes involves bravery of the sex scene type and a presidential hopeful who can’t make the grade.

Kim Davis Only Highlights Our Broken System Of Ethics: For the Record

There has been a lot of talk about Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, and the stance she took and continues to take against gay marriage. Citing her religion as the reason for her defying the historical Supreme Court ruling that gives gay couples the right to marry nationwide

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