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Fantasy Football: Players You Can’t Trust

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You better hurry if you are planning a fantasy football draft. The regular season will kickoff in about 30 hours from now. I drafted my team last night and I think I will go with just one team this year. I want to focus solely on it. If something terrible happens like my starting QB going down, I will have to suffer through it with a rough season I guess. I did get a good backup so maybe that won’t…..I better not even say it. I need Drew Brees healthy all year.

As I was going over my paper with a widdled down pencil, I got to seeing a few guys that I would not trust on my fantasy team no matter their upside. And yes I used a pencil and paper to write my fantasy notes. I didn’t mail my picks in via the postal service though. I went with a online draft. Anyway, there were players that I was tempted to draft in the middle rounds that may have a big fantasy year. I just couldn’t pull the trigger though. Some of these players are injury prone, while others are just up and down week to week. These untrustworthy NFL fantasy ballers can’t remain nameless, so here is the list calling them out.

  1. Nick Foles – This one I was not sure about. I may regret it later. Foles went nuts last year and had the second best QB fantasy numbers per game on average. He was only behind Peyton Manning. I just can’t believe in him just yet. One year does not a career make. He will have to show me again this season.
  1. DeSean Jackson – The fact that this speedy receiver was affiliated with gang activity is enough for me to shy away. First, I don’t like gangs and don’t need to get “jumped in” fantasy style or otherwise. I have not heard any bad reports since Jackson was exiled to Washington. So maybe Chip Kelly just hated the guy, I don’t know. I do know that I wasn’t going to be the one who drafted a guy only to lose him to suspension midway through my fantasy season.
  1. Matt Ryan – For the record, I love Matt Ryan . I wanted him for my QB#1 honestly, but felt like I would get ridiculed from my fantasy league members. I am a Falcons fan and I took Drew Brees with my first overall pick. So I am feeling pretty ashamed of myself this morning. The main reason I did not take Ryan is because I don’t trust him behind his porous offensive line. They have more questions than a five year old.
  1. RG3 – How can I put this nicely about Robert Griffin III? He isn’t any good. I hope that sums it up. He had a nice rookie year, but it was an aberration. His play since then has been atrocious. He is not improving, he is regressing. I am not sure he will be able to keep that awesome nickname if he continues his hellish QB play. I would have drafted almost any quarterback in the league to avoid taking him.
  1. Rob Gronkowski – He was there for the taking in the later mid rounds of my draft. I was so tempted but would not allow myself to get punked by the meathead again. His body is in shambles. He could do something really stupid at anytime to get suspended. Even with his amazing talent, I could not find the courage to take him. He cost me a lot of fantasy points last year. This breakup with Gronk is going to stick.
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