What More to Expect From ‘Supernatural’ Season 12

what more to expect from supernatural season 12

What More to Expect From 'Supernatural' Season 12 2016 images

Now that we’re done with rescuing Sam from Angry Spice, bringing the family back together on Supernatural and setting up Lucifer as a rock star perhaps we can move on with what’s promised. More monster of the week with some extended arc scenes mixed in. A little bird from the internet told us more of what to expect from the show, episode 3 onwards. Based on that and some set photos with the boys in fed suits, we’d be getting more of those. We won’t tell too much, and we won’t be sequential about it. It will be up to you fans to get some significance out of them. Like with the Bible or Nostradamus who keeps coming up with predictions related to the future (whom I thought we’d be done with by now). Maybe in a future episode or season, he should be involved.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? So we saw in the trailers that Crowley might be joining the team against Lucifer on a fun ‘road trip’. Funny how the brothers have gotten along well with The King of Hell when he should be second after Lucifer on their list. We last saw his potential weapon, Rowena, get captured by Lucifer and demons would no longer follow him as long as Lucifer is out there. Who else can Crowley trust? Castiel and the Winchesters. Castiel also has an axe to grind with the archangel so he’ll be on board. As for Lucifer, Rick Springfield gave us a great portrayal of Lucifer’s new vessel. His acid-burned face reminds us that Supernatural is still a horror show. Also, on the side of Rowena, they’ve humanized her last episode. Meeting God and almost meeting her end with The Darkness, should be enough for her to decide changing her ways which she did. Her planned reformation into a gold-digger was a nice touch but unfortunately short-lived. The business with the Book of the Damned is obviously not over yet. Better not be so soon since we lost Charlie because of it. The Steins, former keepers of the book also seemed interesting but slaughtered too soon. Hopefully, Dean didn’t kill all of them.

Obviously, Mary will be joining the hunt as well, and we will be exploring the trio’s struggles to relate to each other during monster hunts, which often end with some lessons learned related to the emotional or personal problems they face. The Episode 3, (titled The Foundry) trailer showed Mary with black tears. It’s either spirit or demon possession. Cas (Is it Cas or Cass?) should give Mary her own anti-possession tattoo as well. Speaking of Cas, Andrew Dabb says that Castiel will be featured in some stand-alone episodes which could focus on his beef with Lucifer.

Okay, about that little bird. Casting calls. Here are the TV stars we should expect in future episodes. Adam Rose who played Aaron Bass will be back in a Thule-related episode, hopefully along with his golem. The Thule society remains a loose end of the series. What’s Thule’s end game? Bring back one of history’s biggest monsters. Who else but the guy that currently entertains us on YouTube whose Downfall keeps getting translated in hilarious ways?

Other Casting Calls

  • William MacDonald and Aliza Vellani (iZombie, X-Files 2016) who will be guesting on Episode 4 (titled American Nightmare).
  • Kailey and Samantha Spear will be playing evil witches or demons pretty soon in the series. Kailey earlier played Vince Vincente’s deceased wife, Jen.
  • Darren E. Scott (Almost Human)
  • Billy Wickman (Hell on Wheels)
  • Kara Royster (Pretty Little Liars) will be playing a hunter in a future episode where the boys meet with others in a hunter’s wake.
  • Crystal Allen (Crooked Arrow, Ghost Storm, Anaconda: The Offspring)
  • Stephen Lobo (Continuum, Arctic Air)

supernatural julian richings

  • And finally, Julian Richings who we all know and love as Death will soon be gracing us with his presence. You just couldn’t kill a cosmic concept as big as Death on Supernatural.