DraftKings Weekly Report: Thank you Odell Beckham Jr!

draftkings weekly report thank you odell beckham jr 2015 nfl images

draftkings weekly report thank you odell beckham jr 2015 nfl imagesDraftKings Weekly Recap

Lots of interesting storylines to get to after week 15 in the NFL on DraftKings, not to mention season long fantasy leagues.

Let me start with a big thank you to one Odell Beckham Jr. I usually drop the “Jr.” since this is a grown man playing professional football at the highest level. With him acting like an enraged teenager this past week, I felt it only appropriate to leave the “Jr.” at the end now. Jr. has increased my odds of winning the title game in my fantasy league as he went and got himself suspended for week 16.

Love it! And I’m sure my opponent is crying the blues after losing his most productive player.

Jr. is appealing, but it’s unlikely that will go his way. So if you’ve been rostering Jr. on DraftKings on a weekly basis, you best pivot to Julio Jones or Antonio Brown.

Now let’s breakdown the Millionaire Maker from week 15 that saw “Cflanders002” win enough money to quit his job if he chooses after raking the top prize of $1,000,000. His lineup is below.

draftkings weekly playbook 2015 nfl272 points is phenomenal. My best total this week was 177, a long way from the top tier guys, although good enough to beat the newbies. Any idiot could have drafted Cam, Antonio, and Allen Robinson. Taking the risky guys like Woodhead, who inexplicably scored four touchdowns (how terrible is Melvin Gordon), and Ted Ginn Jr. who actually had epic back to back games for once was what won the GPP for “Cflanders002.”

When you get nearly 50 points from three different players you can afford just 11 points from the defense and only 11 from the Flex position.

As for the perfect lineup according to DK Playbook. The total of each best position was 330 points as seen below.

draftkings week 15 playbook fantasy football 2015

It would be nice to have a lineup like that in a big money tournament. On the other hand, it would suck the life out of you to have that roster in a head to head for a single dollar knowing you could have entered and won a million dollar contest!

Jordan Matthews would have been a lucky pick no matter what anyone tells you about skill. And the tight end position is up in the air each week so no skill there unless you take Gronk weekly or Olsen in Carolina.

Looking toward next week’s bigger tournaments you should take a look at the most owned DK players from week 15 to give you an idea on who the outliers are so you can separate from the masses.

draftkings fantasy football nfl 2015 imagesFolks finally trusted Doug Baldwin, who had another good game linked to Russell Wilson. Calvin Johnson, Shady McCoy, and Lamar Miller were huge let downs. Shady is likely done for the year with a bum knee, and I wouldn’t waste money on either Miller or Megatron (Bumblebee more appropriate now) the rest of the way.

Even though David Johnson isn’t a marquee name, he was an obvious choice with Arizona facing a weak Eagles defense that is known to give up 40 plus.

Here’s the list of top scorers from week 15. Not a bad idea to pull from this list combined with the prior 14 weeks worth of top scorers to set your roster for week 16 cash games.

Just keep value in mind so you can afford the high dollar players whose point charts don’t look like a roller coaster.

draftkings antonio brown 2015 images fantasy footballvAmazingly the top ten scorers saw just one player, David Johnson, owned at above ten percent. People will be locked onto Kirk Cousins next week coming off a monster game and facing the Eagles. Just be aware that divisional matchups are not easy on a QB, especially game two of the year. Be advised his price tag is going to jump after racking up over 38 points.

It would be nice to roster Antonio Brown each week. The guy produces every time, even against a stout defense like Denver. Look for Brown to be one of the highest owned guys this week as Pittsburgh prepares to run through Baltimore like the Texans run through starting quarterbacks.

On to business news now. According to SuperLobby, DraftKings had a turnaround financially in week 15, however slight. After nine weeks in a row of decreasing entry fees, DK saw an increase finally. It had to level off at some point. There are going to be people who stick with daily fantasy football and those that decide they can throw away money elsewhere each week if they are losing consistently.

That leaves me to wonder what would happen to daily fantasy sports if straight up gambling were ever legalized in the U.S. The fantasy football diehards would stick with their favorite hobby and of course the sharks of the DFS world would hang around. But the average Joe has to find it simpler to bet on who wins between Denver and Seattle than for him to go over fantasy stats for a couple of hours a day to give himself a shot at winning substantial money in DFS.

I don’t think we have to worry about that scenario anytime soon. We’ll be very fortunate to still be able to play fantasy sports for money going forward, much less be treated like adults with the ability to wager our own money straight up.