Donald Trump: Where have all the real men gone?

This past week has been one big emotional rollercoaster for me. It has been one big emotional rollercoaster for the entire country. If I’ve learned anything over the last few months seeing the drama unfold with Trump’s presidency, it’s that women may make the world go round, but men, without a doubt, run it. That’s why it’s so important during these trying times for men to be the ones to take up the torch of equality, freedom, and liberty and run with it.

Women know how to get things done. Both white women and women of color have been on the frontlines of various fights throughout history. In modern times, we have come together as a cohesive group wanting to do what’s right by all peoples more than we ever have in the past. We know what it means to travail, not just because we are the givers of life, but also because we have led the way for countless causes that affect marginalized groups. Women are powerful because we know how to use what we have to get what we want and bring about change for others. It’s what we do. It’s how we were created. It’s time for men to do the same.

I don’t care about your egos. It doesn’t matter who gets credit for what right now. The efforts put in by women would be maximized one hundred fold if more men stood up and made the fight against hate and white supremacy their problem. This mostly rings true for white men. Black men and other men of color have been on the ground floor, taking their place next to women in droves. Their presence has been a great help to the fight, but if I am being honest here and if others were too, white men are still in control of the vast majority of the things that go on in America. Although they’d like for people to think otherwise or even feel that they are discriminated against in ways that limit their overall advancement; that is the furthest thing from the truth. If you are a white man and you want to win in life and currently feel that that’s not happening because of everything that’s going on, it is your duty to stand up and join the rest of us who are in the trenches. Not because you want to get what you can out of the situation, but because it’s the right thing to do. Because it’s the only way to see the America that you believe is yours to have. The America that is free for all of us to have.

donald trump crying about statues

I implore all the men to do more. We need more of you to make things happen on behalf of equality. Men know how to mobilize people. They know how to set things in place and are intelligent. It’s too intense right now for you to remain silent because believe it or not, silence is the great enabler of violence. Doing nothing is just as bad as being the ones out there promoting hate.

The men like Richard Spencer, David Duke and others who are the proud faces of white supremacy and the Alt-Right are who they are because they felt it their duty to create a movement that reflects the kind of America they want to see. They have been mobilizing their people for years. All they needed was the right leader who would allow them to launch their attacks and they found him in Donald Trump. Presently, they feel unstoppable. They believe that they are making their way steadily toward the white promise land of milk and flowing honey. They are preparing their families and friends for the moment when they can “reclaim” their rightful place (wherever and whatever means) on top of the world’s leadership throne. These MEN are doing this because they purposed in their hearts to do so. And just like they have used all that they have inside of them for evil, good MEN who want to see love and justice prevails have to do the same thing. We need to be able to mention the names of white men who are boldly on the forefront of this battle, just like we can name the racists that are on the other side.

david duke right behind donald trump support

Racism is the greatest war raging in this country. It is not the war on terrorism that the media and conservatives paint that’s the most urgent threat. It’s the domestic, homegrown terrorism enacted by white men who would rather die, kill and go to prison for their beliefs than sit back and do nothing. Don’t be fooled about that. Women can only do so much. There comes a point where men have to step up and be men. There comes a time where you have to corner other men and let them know that they are wrong. That what they want and what they are fighting for is wrong.

Men of all backgrounds, erasing racism and killing white supremacy is not going to happen with just one group willing to risk it all. You have to open your mouths, put on your big boy pants and be a vocal, contributing member in the army marching against hate. That’s how we win. That’s how we preserve generations.