Does Johnny Manziel really have a Brain Injury?

Does Johnny Manziel really have a Brain Injury 2015 images

Does Johnny Manziel really have a Brain Injury 2015 imagesThere’s something wrong with Johnny Manziel‘s brain. So he may not be able to play in the Cleveland Brown’s season finale against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is exactly wrong with the Browns quarterback’s brain is up for debate. According to the official Browns’ website, Manziel reported concussion like symptoms on Wednesday, so he went into concussion protocol.

Cleveland’s statement on the matter was curiously short on details about Manziel.

No mention of when the guy noticed he wasn’t feeling like himself. No mention of what hit may have caused the brain injury against Kansas City. Not to mention how no one including Manziel thought he had a concussion during the loss to the Chiefs or immediately after.

The statement simply focuses on the third stringer Austin Davis, who will get the start if Manziel isn’t allowed to suit up due to his alleged concussion.

NFL fans aren’t buying this shaky concussion talk. Many figure Johnny Football is being secretly benched for an embarrassing video like the one that sent him to the bottom of the pecking order just over a month ago when he was seen on Instagram partying with alcohol in his hand.

The most recent video surfaced showing Manziel drinking a Four Loko on Christmas Eve. Not exactly a move in which the three wise men would approve. A real dumb-ass exhibition in fact.

I have to say I don’t remember any player reporting their own concussion like symptoms. Not even since the League started taking the matter super seriously. I’m sure it must have happened at some point, but it certainly hasn’t been a widespread occurrence.

And three days after the game?

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I love a good conspiracy theory, and this one is not a stretch at all. I can see the Browns taking the easy way out and blaming Manziel’s benching on a brain injury. I’m sure ownership is tired of Johnny Drama making the news for all the wrong reasons.

It would be much easier to say the guy is hurt, and the team had no choice but sit him.

It is possible that Manziel really does have a concussion. The guy did run all over the field on Sunday and had to take some shots. A quarterback doesn’t rack up 100 plus rushing yards and not get tagged a time or two.

If Manziel had been a model citizen all along he might get the benefit of the doubt. We know full well what kind of citizen this QB has been though.

Whether he ends up missing Sunday’s final game of Cleveland’s 2015 season because of a real concussion or because he can’t stay off the internet with alcohol in his possession, the fact is he is actively derailing his own career.

To quote Ricky Bobby’s dad in Talladega Nights, “I don’t know what organ or bone it is that makes folks act right, but I ain’t got it.”

Manziel doesn’t possess that bone or organ either. Whether this concussion is made up or not, he had no business showing off his drinking to the world. At the very least keep it under wraps!

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How hard is it to figure out for this guy. He can not be that dumb.

As for the guys out there that see nothing wrong with J-Football taking a drink or four, I imagine they are the same ones who are stuck on probation for an extra two years because they show up drunk at the probation office.

A little discretion in public is all we’re talking about here, not being angels 24/7.

It will be interesting to see how this little episode plays out over the next couple days. It’s awfully hard to cover up lies in the age of the internet. The cover up often turns out to be worse than the original screw up.

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I don’t think the NFL would take kindly to Cleveland making a mockery of the concussion situation in order save face with their reckless quarterback.

If Cleveland is using a brain injury as an excuse for benching Manziel next week, they might as well trace the concussion back to before the Christmas Eve Four Loko incident. They could make a case that no NFL QB would be so stupid as to put his career in jeopardy once again unless he had hit his head in a violent manner.

The fact that a grown man is drinking a Four Loko may be evidence enough that something truly is wrong with Johnny Manziel’s brain.