Did Chris Brown Go Too Far In Public Shaming Amira Ayeb?

chris brown shame instagram for amira ayeb

chris brown shame instagram for amira ayeb

Things just can’t seem to calm down for R&B’s current favorite guy we all love to hate aka Chris Brown. This week after returning from doing God knows what, he found a very unwanted houseguest in his Malibu home. The singer called police and had the woman intruder arrested and rightfully so.

21 year old Amira Kodica Ayeb broke into his home and had apparently been there for a couple of days. I mean this chick went gangster on his ass by removing the door from its hinges. From the looks of it too and based on what Chris Brown reported, she really made herself at home. She was cooking, she rearranged some things in the house, and by rearrange I mean threw out baby Royalty’s clothes and his dog’s stuff too. Ayeb even went so far as to spray paint her name on his cars ad wrote, “I love you” all over his walls (Awwww). People have had a lot to say about (including Brown) so you know I had to give my two cents about the whole situation.

When news about the home intrusion first broke, there were rumors that she did all of this because of a possible mental illness but as one media outlet reported, the incident was being treated as a regular criminal case and was not coded 5150 which is the code for mental illness amongst law folks.

amira ayeb lives in chris brown home for birthday surprise 2015

I am sure that there are reasons for why it is being dealt with the way that it is and who is to say that it will not be changed later, but let’s look at the real issue that no one is really addressing here. There is a crazy fan culture that has been created by celebrities like Chris Brown and by the media that paved the way for situations like this to happen and to possibility keep happening.

Fans going all Rambo on their favorite celebrities is not anything new, but it seems that the level of the invasion of privacy has risen to levels among the lines of violence and danger. Let’s dissect, based on what we know from the information that has been released, what happened.

The chick gained access to Brown’s house because she was able to somehow get close enough to take the hinges off the door. That in its self is amazing to me. Then, she must have put the door back on its hinges because she then took up residency in his house while he was gone. She cooked meals and vandalized it.

One of the very serious questions that need to be asked here is was this the behavior of someone in their right mind? Does this sound like something a crazed fan (in the traditional sense) would do? Hells no. So we ruled out that this is normal fan behavior. The next question I have is are these the actions of a person in need of mental help or just a really, really bold ass woman? Well, let’s see. I consider myself a pretty bold person. I mean, I don’t take no for an answer because if I am told that something cannot be done, my mind processes that as to say we just have to find another way. With that, would I, say now that I live in Los Angeles stake out Will Smith’s house or camp out at the hotel that Lebron James is staying in when the Cavs play one of my Los Angeles teams. Hells to the naw. So in my view, her actions were above and beyond the norm of what a really bold person would do. That leaves the only other thing I can think of- mental illness.

She not only broke into the house, she threw away his daughter’s and dog’s clothes and then spray-painted “Mrs. Brown” on his cars. That just doesn’t sound right. I mean what did she think he was going to say and do when he got home to find all that she had done and her standing in a bath towel, “Hey baby I’m home?

Her actions are clearly that of someone who needs a real dose of reality. She is the perfect example of the lengths individuals will go to to attain some kind of connection to the people that we place on such unrealistic pedestals.

What can be done for people like her and what can be done to curtail further incidents like this? The answer to those two are yet to be found and may never be.

Ayeb has been charged with one felony count each of first-degree residential burglary, stalking and vandalism and at this point, all we can really do is echo the sentiments Brown posted on his Instagram account:

“I pray she will get help.”