CSI: CYBER Ep 110 Recap: Ghost In the Deep Web Machine

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On the extra episode of CSI: Cyber, Spencer, a teenage boy in Chicago was playing a video game remotely with his friends. He received a package on his doorstep, opened it and ended up riding his bike to a neighbor’s house to give him the package. As he was looking at an electric drill in the yard a man named Ramsey Scott asked Spencer what he was doing on the man’s lawn and then a hidden gun in the drill went off and killed Spencer

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At home Agent Mundo was making out with his ex –wife, Devon, when the smoke detector in the kitchen went off because the couple left eggs cooking on the stove for too long. After he turned off the smoke detector he invited his Devon out to a ball game and dinner with their young daughter and she turned him down because she didn’t want to move so fast. The couple was talking about the state of their relationship when his phone beeped with a text message from Agent Ryan, saying they may have had a break in Spencer’s case.

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At the FBI headquarters Agents Ryan and Mundo determined that the company behind the electric drill that killed Spencer was one they had been chasing for years. This put the man running the company, Trigger, in the number seven position on the list of most wanted cyber criminals. Agents Ryan and Mundo then traveled to Chicago to further investigate the case.

When Mundo and Ryan got to Chicago they interviewed Spencer’s distraught parents. Agent Ryan told Spencer’s parents she thought he had purchased a gun from Trigger and that was the gun that ultimately killed him. Daniel and Nelson looked at Spencer’s tablet and realized it had no games or apps on it. They then discouraged Spencer had a parental control app on his tablet that would prevent his parents from knowing what he was really using it for.

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Agent Mundo then gave Spencer’s cell phone to Daniel so they could determine what else the boy had been hiding from his parents. He also told Daniel that Spencer’s parents did not know who Ramsey Scott was. Nelson and Daniel determined that Spencer knew Ramsey Scott and purposely went to the man’s house only to be killed in his front yard.

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At a business’s building in Chicago Agents Ryan and Mundo was called to a crime scene where they found Ramsey Scott dead. Agent Mundo said that even though Spencer’s death was accidental, Ramsey Scott was murdered. The agents speculated that Spencer had gone to Ramsey Scott’s house to kill him. Agents Mundo and Ryan said if they could figure out how Spencer and Ramsey were connected it would help them find the person that killed Ramsey.

csi cyber ghost in machine recap 2015 images 596x397

At FBI headquarters Raven told Daniel and Nelson that they couldn’t find a connection between Ramsey and Spencer because they were only looking in the obvious places. Raven then suggested they look at Spencer’s gaming console to determine if there were any clues on their linking the two of them together.

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Blacklight: Retribution, the game Spencer played every day, was one that could be played with many other people. They found out that Spencer was ranked in the top 50 most successful Blacklight: Retribution players. By looking further at his gaming files they figured out that part of the game include Spencer taking a delivery to Ramsey’s house. They also found a suspicious player, Viper 75. Agent Ryan said if they found Viper 75 they would find the person who murdered Ramsey.

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Daniel found a recording of Viper 75’s voice in the game. He then isolated conversations that had taken place between Spencer and Viper 75 while they were both playing Blacklight: Retribution. Viper asked Spencer where his dog was and what his dog’s name as well as when his parents were usually him. Spencer said the dog was outside in the yard and his parents were usually working. Agent Mundo said Viper was using the game to find out when Spencer was the most vulnerable.

csi cyber ghost in machine recap 2015 images 533x800

Nelson and Raven found out that Spencer’s avatar in the game was hacked into. Nelson figured out that Viper 75 was the one who did it. The FBI tried to get access to the account through the video game manufacturer and was denied. The FBI team then found another player that may have been involved in the case. They used his screen name, Ace, to track down his IP address and get his home address from that. They figured out Viper contacted Ace when his account was hacked into, just as Spencer’s was. Ace ended up being the person that delivered the gun to the building where Ramsey was killed.

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Nelson and raven tracked down a third player, Goldenbeast (a.k.a Corey) that was about to deliver a package with a gun in it. Agents Mundo and Ryan went to Corey’s apartment and attempted to arrest him but Corey jumped out a window onto the roof of the building and then jumped to the pavement. Upon talking to Goldenbeast they determined he was not the gamer they were looking for. The real Goldenbeast turned out to be a girl named Jessica. In Jessica’s apartment Agents Ryan and Mundo determined where their criminal might be; at a park in Chicago.

At the park the agents desperately tried to figure out who the guilty party was. Suddenly a gun shot was heard in the park. The team at FBI headquarters tracked Trigger down to a public library in Tampa, Florida. Nelson and Daniel went to the library and apprehended Trigger. Once they got into Trigger’s computer they found proof that he was the person that had the packages sent to the previously mentioned video game players.

Agent Ryan caught up with Viper 75. She told him she knew he targeted Ramsey and Spencer for personal reasons. Viper tried to escape but was arrested. He was marked captured on the list of most wanted cyber criminals.