‘CSI Cyber’ 210 Shades of Grey Recap

csi cyber 210 shades of grey recap 2015 images

csi cyber 210 shades of grey recap 2015 images On this week’s episode of “CSI: Cyber,” a truck was stolen from an underground structure. Agent Mundo confronted a woman he suspected of having fradulently used his credit card. He left his credit card in a bar and then suspected the female bartender of stealing it, but she denied it and said she thought he was lonely and needed someone to talk to.

Agent Ryan said the suspects were limited to employees of the bank Agent Mundo was using. Russell viewed security footage in which a person caught on camera stealing could be identified by studying the veins in his hand. Nelson found a vulnerability in the bank’s system that would allow a hacker to gain access to wire transfers. The bank’s underground garage is where the crime took place.

The FBI raided the home of the suspected hacker. He said his name was A.J. Kim, and he was responsible for hacking into the bank’s system. He had been a teller at the bank fir five years. Agent Ryan told A.J. Kim that someone was murdered because of what he did. He said that he did what he did so he could wipe out legitimate overdraft fees for customers of the bank who were struggling financially. He said he had started a movement against the bank, and that movement would continue no matter what. Agent Ryan assured him that the media would never know Kim’s name in connection with the case because the FBI would keep it a secret, but in turn, he had to tell them everything he knew about what the bank was doing to its customers.

Then Agent Mundo got a text message that $100,00 had been transferred into his bank account, and Agent Ryan said Kim couldn’t have done that because he was with them at the moment. Then she asked Kim who else he was transferring money to, and he said he hadn’t transferred any to Agent Mundo’s bank account. Russel then told Agent Ryan that every customer of the bank that happened to live in Washington DC had just gotten $100,000 wired to their account. Agent Ryan said someone had bankrupted the bank, and it hadn’t been Kim. That’s when Russell said another hacker had done it even though Raven had patched a vulnerability in the bank’s system that was supposed to prevent that. Agent Ryan confronted Raven and said the patch she said she had installed wasn’t there. Raven asked Agent Ryan if she believed that Raven stole money from the bank. Agent Ryan said they were just trying to determine what actually happened.

Agent Mundo then got a text message that said the FBI hadn’t been able to monitor her cell phone activity since the day before and asked her why that was. Raven then gave her phone to Agent Mundo and said she had nothing to hide. Nelson then came in the room and announced that he had evidence that Raven had installed the patch in the bank’s system. Raven said the hacker could have figured out how to disable the patch she installed. She said she suspected her ax boyfriend was the hacker. Nelson said Raven’s ex; Jackson probably hacked her phone to get the code he would need to eliminate the patch she installed. Agents Ryan and Mundo agreed that Jackson was a suspect in the case. Nelson said if Jackson had plugged his headphones into Raven’s phone it would allow him to hack it and get the code he needed. Nelson got the IP address of the device Jackson used to spy on Raven. Nelson figured out Jackson’s location and Raven said Jackson was testifying at her 5K1 hearing. Nelson then said that most men don’t look forward to meeting their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, but he was looking forward to meeting Jackson.

Raven met with Jackson and thanked him for testifying at her hearing. Then Raven told him she was done with the FBI and seeing Jackson again had brought up great memories. She said she wanted to be with him, and he was the only one who “got” her. From a surveillance van, Agents Ryan and Mundo, and Nelson were able to see and hear Raven and Jackson. Then Jackson confessed to Raven that he was the one that hacked into the bank’s computer system. Agents Ryan and Mundo came out of the surveillance van and arrested Jackson.

At her 5K1 hearing, Raven explained why she used to be a black hat hacker and why she is now a white hat hacker.

Agent Mundo then went home to his wife, who had a friend named Nina over for dinner. He recognized Nina as the bartender he had accused of stealing and using his credit card. She said she recognized Agent Mundo, and then his wife accused him of having an affair with her. She then told Agent Mundo’s wife that she had to go. Agent Mundo then told his wide Nina had stolen and used their credit card. His wife confronted him about sharing private details of their family life with Nina. His wife accused him of having done something with Nina he shouldn’t have, but she didn’t specifically say what.

Agent Ryan said if Raven had told them her phone got hacked into by Jackson they could have solved the case sooner. She accused Agent Ryan of not trusting her and she said she only didn’t trust Raven’s judgment. Then Agent Ryan found out Raven would be on probation for hacking for two more years. She said she felt bad for subjecting Raven to that but she had no choice. Russell defended Raven because she turned Jackson in to the FBI on her own. Agent Ryan then invited Russell to have a scotch drink with her and he poured both their drinks.