CSI: Cyber CMND Crash Ep 102 Recap

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On this week’s CSI: Cyber at an amusement park in Richmond, Virginia a roller coaster ride went terribly wrong. Someone hacked into the roller coaster’s breaking system and sabotaged it. As the result, at full speed the roller coaster slammed into several people who were trying desperately to escape the ride. There was at least one fatality as a result.

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Agent Ryan showed up at the house of one of her employees, Nelson, and hacked into his car alarm to get him out of his house. Nelson is a reformed hacker who works for Agent Ryan at the FBI, solving cyber- crime cases. She told him he needed to avoid his girlfriend because she is an illegal hacker and that violates the terms of Nelson’s working agreement with Agent Ryan and the FBI. Nelson is working for the cyber division of the FBI to avoid serving jail time for his illegal hacking.

At the station Ryan’s Sergeant, Simon, briefed her on the roller coaster accident at the Virginia amusement park. The two then talked about footage of the crash that was filmed by some of the victims. They looked at a 3D rendering of the roller coaster to try and figure out what went wrong. Then they determined that the code in the computer that controls the roller coaster had been changed by the hacker who caused this tragic accident. Viewing footage of the accident helped them determine that the woman who had been killed in the accident had just been proposed to by her boyfriend as the roller coaster ride ended. Agent Ryan then announced they were going to the scene of the accident.

avery ryan checking rollar coaster crash on csi cyber 2015 images

Once at the amusement park Agent Ryan questioned one mother whose two sons were injured in the accident. They talked to a victim whose girlfriend was injured in the accident and he stated that he didn’t even know what hospital she had been taken to. Agent Mundo arrived at the scene and got a call that an additional two victims of the roller coaster crash had just passed away. Alex, the man whose new fiancé died in the accident told Agent Ryan that he wanted the engagement ring back so that she could be buried in it.

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Upon closer inspection of the computer that controlled the roller coaster ride it was determined that the computer never knew a crash had occurred, which it should have been able to detect. No failure of the roller coaster’s system was detected either. They then began to determine that this had been an inside job and someone working at the amusement park was ultimately responsible for the accident. They suspected the employee who broke into the control room for the roller coaster tried 17 different employee access cards before finding the one that let them into the control room. They realized the park engineer had been fired three months prior and that he could be the one that caused this accident. They found that the former employee was the same man, Alex that proposed to his girlfriend right before the crash.

Agent Ryan and Agent Mundo brought Alex to the station and questioned him about the accident. They confronted him about being the one that broke into the park and hacked the roller coaster’s computer but Alex said he didn’t do it. Based on their discussion Agent Ryan determined Alex was innocent.

Back in Washington D.C. Ryan was looking for Nelson at the station. It was determined a fake panel was put into the roller coaster’s computer in order to enable the crash. Agent Ryan then determined that whoever was responsible for the crash was able to control the computer remotely and was at the scene of the crash in order to make it happen. She surmised that a lawyer could have caused this accident just to be able to see it happen and that an accident this gruesome turns some people on. She also stated that she thought the person that caused this accident would try to cause another one again soon.

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Simon went to the FBI’s criminal division to plead with them to release the identity of the person whose blood was found on the computer part that allowed the perpetrator to cause this accident.

Agent Mundo then tracked down the alleged perpetrator, Ronnie, and confronted him. Ronnie stated that he had connections with the FBI and that he had cut himself when he was making the board used in the roller coaster’s computer. He then said he had no idea who purchased this board from him because he doesn’t ask for names or any other identifying information.

Agent Ryan then told Nelson about this development in the case. She told him to join a forum where people post pictures of gruesome accidents such as this one. They determined the person that caused this accident did so in order to get photos he or she could use to be able to join the forum. Once Nelson got into the forum they found the person who allegedly caused the accident and found out the person was planning a subway crash as well.

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Nelson started to chat with the person that caused the accident, who was under the impression that Nelson was the forum’s administrator. They got more details about the planned subway crash until the forum’s real administrator discovered Nelson and banned him.

Agent Ryan and her crew arrived in Boston to stop the crash. They raced to the subway station marked for target while attempting to hack the subway system and get the trains to stop before anyone gets hurt. Nelson and Agent Mundo reached the subway train just in time to get some people off safely. Agent Ryan then showed up at the station and caught and arrested Otto, the perpetrator of the roller coaster accident.

Back home in D.C. the team wrapped up the case. Nelson left his phone to go out to eat and ignored his own girlfriend.