SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 3 Recap: Nina Washed Out


On this week’s Survivor: Worlds Apart, Joe said he no longer trusted Will because Will was not supposed to vote Vince off the island, but he did. Nina stated to her fellow tribe members that she knew she would be the one voted off this week. She also said that the only way she would be able to stay in the game was by winning challenges for her tribe. Jenn then said that Nina cries all the time and always brings up the fact that she can’t hear what is being said around her.

At camp Shirih watched two monkeys mating. She then went to tell the rest of her tribe and said that they should be more enthused about nature. Tyler complained that she was being as loud and intrusive as monkeys always are. He also said that even though she is trying to fit in with the rest of the tribe it’s not working and that she was putting a big black X on her back, implying she is making herself a target and that she will be sent home as a result.

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Dan and Rodney were joking around until Dan said something about Rodney’s mother and Rodney became angry. He told Dan not to disrespect his mother and his family. Rodney was then accused of being a drama king. Rodney said Dan had crossed the line with his comments.

Jenn and Halie discussed going body surfing in the ocean. They each took a piece of driftwood to use as a surfboard. Joe stated he felt the tribe was less paranoid now that Vince is gone. He then went into the water and found a lizard for the tribe to eat. Joe said he was focusing on taking care of the tribe and keeping morale up. He then said that he was going to try to become better friends with Nina because she seemed lonely. Joe confessed that he knows sign language and could use that to communicate with Nina. Then Nina explained how she had been a white collar worker until she became deaf and then she turned into a no collar worker. She also said the rest of her tribe was more free spirited than she is.

The white collar tribe went searching for the immunity idol, but Carolyn stayed behind because she already had it and the rest of the tribe was unaware of this. Shirina started getting on Joaquin’s nerves as he told her he hadn’t trusted her since day one of the game. Joaquin showed Tyler the clue that would lead them to the immunity idol because he said he liked Tyler. Joaquin then said if the tribe lost the next challenge most people on the tribe would probably want Shirina voted out.

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Mike said that this pastor dad taught him hard work would result in good things coming to him, so when he sees something around camp that needs to be done, he does it. He also said that his blue collar tribe’s work ethic was failing and that off no collar and white collar individuals, blue collars are the ones whose work ethic is the most important. Mike then expressed his dislike of Rodney. When Mike said that work needed to be done Rodney said he would do the work when he was ready to and that no one at this camp was his dad. He also said that this is a social game and keeping everyone happy is the only way to win.

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For this week’s immunity challenge, the tribes have to participate in a race in which they have to move a pail of water with holes in it from one end of the course to the other end while losing as little water as possible. The tribe that wins this challenge gets chairs, blankets, pillows and candles to relax with and a tarp to protect them from weather conditions. The tribe that comes in second gets a tarp only. Since the blue collar tribe has an extra member compared to the other two tribes, one person had to be picked to sit out of this challenge. They decided that Lindsay would be the one to sit out. The white collar tribe was the first one to successfully move their pail of water from point A to point B. The no collar tribe lost half of the water they had in their pail. The blue collar tribe ended up winning the challenge and getting the immunity idol. They were given their reward for winning and sent back to camp. The white collar tribe was given their tarp and sent back to camp as well. The no collar tribe then stated that they had prevented Nina from helping them transport their pail of water without having it leak. They admitted that their decision about Nina was a bad call in the end. Will said it was sad they had to go to tribal council again and he thought it was time for Nina to go.

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Back at camp Joe felt bad because it was his idea to exclude Nina from helping them transport the pail of water, which backfired on them. Nina and Will talked about that night’s voting and Will said he had no idea what would happen. Nina told Joe she wanted to vote Will out that night. Jenn said both Nina and Will were on borrowed time and Will didn’t perform well enough in the immunity challenge to stay.

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That night at tribal council they talked about last week’s tribal council and how it seemed to be about trust. Jeff said that the strategy of pulling Nina out of this week’s challenge was hard to understand. Nina said she felt the tribe had no faith in her because she is deaf. Joe said he knows many deaf people and wasn’t judging Nina. After discussing Nina’s role in the tribe the votes were taken. Jeff then announced that the third person voted off was Nina.