‘CSI: Cyber’ 207 Corrupted Memory Recap

csi cyber 207 corrupted memory 2015 images

csi cyber 207 corrupted memory 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “CSI: Cyber,” Isabel, a woman in Tampa was video chatting with her parents in New York when she was murdered. Agent Ryan questioned a witness, Tristan Jenkins, who was Isabel’s neighbor and saw the murder happen. Tristan was found in the courtyard in front of Isabel’s home. Agent Mundo, Russell and Raven went to Tampa to investigate and find clues from the video chat. Russell examined Isabel’s body and said it looked like she knew the man who killed her. Russell told Raven to get the file from the video chat.

Daniel said someone had access to the camera in Isabel’s laptop, implying that that someone had hacked into it. Nelson found a photo image of the killer on the laptop camera. Isabel’s mom saw her blood spatter on the screen as she was stabbed to death.

Agent Ryan asked Tristan if he remembered the murderer’s face. Tristan said he didn’t remember, and he felt like he was wasting her time. She deduced he was suffering from PSTD and that she wasn’t sure he remembered calling 911. She also said her gut feeling told her he wasn’t lying, but there was something he wasn’t telling them.

Tristan was shown pictures of the men in Isabel’s life in the hope he could identify at least one of them. He said he didn’t recognize any of them as the murderer. Nelson kept getting calls on his cell from an unidentified number. Daniel found a serial number device that was used to put malware in Isabel’s computer. This led them to a sex toy found among Isabel’s belongings. It included technology that would allow long-distance couples to sexually pleasure each other. Isabel had been using it to be sexual with her boyfriend while she was living in Tampa. They determined one of her sex toys had been hacked into, allowing the hacker to engage in sexual acts with Isabel. Agent Ryan realized that blood was left at the crime scene containing the DNA of the murderer. Nelson and Daniel determined Isabel’s sex toy was hacked into before she bought it.

Nelson’s brother came to him for help because he thought a friend of his was being investigated by the FBI. Nelson refused to help him because the last time he saw him was the day he got arrested for hacking.

Agent Ryan asked Tristan about Isabel, and he said they had a lot in common. He said they spent a lot of time together because neither had much family in Tampa. Agent Mundo arrested the man who hacked into the sex toy but determined the hacker was not the murderer. They found out the murderer had been able to watch every video chat Isabel had on her laptop. Agent Ryan called her a high-risk victim because she was so far from home with few people to lean on.

Daniel put a virus on one of their computers so he could start a video chat between Raven and Nelson that the murderer would be able to see. He found many decoys that kept him from pinpointing the murderer. Nelson went into the FBI database and found out there were charges against his brother.

They flagged all the locations of the decoys set up by the murderer. Daniel determined the murderer was Isabel’s neighbors, pointing them towards Tristan as the guilty party. Agent Ryan played the 911 recording of the call Tristan made. Daniel told Raven to tell Agent Ryan that Tristan was the murderer. Tristan fled FBI headquarters. The FBI raided Tristan’s apartment, and Agent Ryan found out Tristan had been pretending they were hanging out together anytime she was on a video chat with her boyfriend. Agent Mundo deduced that Tristan had never met Isabel and knew what he knew about her from spying on her. Agent Ryan told Mundo to grab Tristan’s toothbrush and have it tested.

Tristan had hundreds of hours of video moments from Isabel’s life and the life of Tristan’s family members. Agent Ryan deduced Tristan was delusional. Testing Tristan’s toothbrush determined it was  not his saliva found at the crime scene, so he wasn’t the murderer. Agent Ryan guessed Tristan remembered the murderer’s face and said out to find and kill the person.

In a video journal entry, Isabel talked about someone’s obsession with her without once mentioning the person’s name. They used a site called Friend Agenda to search for the murderer but hit a dead end. They found out Marfan’s syndrome was associated with the murderer and used social media to determine who the murderer was. The person it led them to was Nelson’s brother that he had refused to help.

Tristan showed up at Isabel’s office at work to kill her boss, Neil, thinking her boss murdered her. Agent Ryan convinced Tristan to put his gun down. Agent Mundo then arrested him and Isabel’s father shot Neil. Agent Ryan told Tristan there would be charges against him even though Neil killed Isabel.