Cracking the Secrets of NBA Players’ Glasses – How They Keep Their Vision Sharp in The Game

amare stoudemire glasses during nba games

The 2018 NBA season was well underway. I am sure every enthusiast watched the quick moves and swift reactions in National Basketball Association games.

But think about what can be the most significant element of this game is?

  • The experience of the player?
  • The skills of the player?
  • The fans?
  • The sponsors?

Obviously, each of these plays a vital role- could they be really the most vital factors of this game though? Absolutely yes, all those are very important attributes,butthe crucial element is a vision.

How do you expect any player in basketball can pass out a perfect free throw without the perfect glasses, contacts, or vision? Or not being able to see or not tripping on the foul line?

I believe any person who wears eyeglasses can easily attest this game and four-eyes don’t invariably mix well. A basketball game may result in many traumas, particularly, eye injury due to the level of high contact. These days most regular and professional players depend on contacts as an option for sharp vision while actively playing.

Sharp vision can only be possible with particular sports glasses that you can buy if you want to dodge your opponents and reach the basket before they know it. Firmoo’s Prescription Sports Glasses are made with strong yet lightweight material for vision correction of professional players or NBA’s fans who want to try them in street courts.

These sports glasses with 100% UV protection will enable you to make your quick moves. Filters, such as color, gender, size, frame, material, shape, price, and feature provide the great ease to the users to choose the product as per their preferences.

The below guide will help you decide on the glasses you should wear and the ones you shouldn’t.

Get Some Inspirations from NBA’s Superstars That What They Want to Wear on Eyes  

As I dug a little deeper, I found that using cool, hipster eyeglasses is a hot trend with a lot of players.

The National basketball association superstars have gotten the most curiosity for it this year, but online stories claim that National football league players are wearing it too!

dwyane wade glasses
Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade 

When a sport journalist asked an NBA superstar Dwyane Wade about his good-looking sports glasses (right now it is in hot trend among NBA fans), he answered that he wears fake glasses (just non-prescription lenses or “Plano” in the frames) to let kids in the house know that it is quite cool to be educated. 

To Dwyane Wade, looking cool is a sure way he believes he could be a good example. And that makeshim even smarter!

rachel johnson stylist for nba stars dwyane wade
Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, a professional stylist of James andWade, says she loves to use designer shades as a stylish ornament for times when the boys need to be taken more seriously and make a chic impression.  Apparently, Dwayne Wade has 6 pairs of designer glasses, such as an awesome pair of the blue frames which he mostly wears in the court.

russell westbrook red glasses nba

Russell Westbrook

Media stories including USA Today and Business Week all grasped the buzz.  Pictures of Okla. Thunder guard, Russell Westbrook wearing a big red-colored plastic “nerd” frame after one of the basketball finals (last Summer) appeared almost everywhere. Although Kevin Durant, with the Thunder, got focus for showing a rounder, smaller stylish frame designed by Randy Jackson.

george mikan sporting glasses in early nba
George Mikan (right)

George Mikan

In recent times, sports glasses or goggles have been making a look for basketball players. The buzz is making a revival for avid basketball gamers who wear goggles or glasses during the game.

Take this guy, formerly known as Mr. Basketball, George Mikan, who gained the national popularity when he played for the Lakers in the 1950s. Mikan used sports glasses every game he played in.

Amare Stoudemire

Now the Amare Stoudemire. A more modern basketball player, who proves that eyewear doesn’t have to hamper on the ability to look cool in the game or playing smartly. Stoudemire’s glasses not only keeps his eyesight sharp but also his game.

If you’re looking for an NBA-worthy lens, then you must find the one that cansharpen your vision in your game.       

lebron james wearing glasses during nba game
LeBron James

Lebron James

How Lebron James fake it with his glasses?

I should confess, I’m not a big fan of this game.

But I recently found a picture of National basketball association celebrity, LeBron wearing a pair of classy, black plastic material vintage-style spectacle frames. 

The picture really caught my attention, so I made a decision to do a bit of research to check out if this ball player actually experienced any vision complications.  I did so because I have never seen him using glasses in the game that my friend forced me to watch.  Maybe he wore contact lenses? We wondered…

But you know what?  He does not wear spectacles! He was faking it!  Many of these National basketball association superstars have even made it really clear that they don’t need their vision to be corrected by wearing the spectacles without any contact lenses behind them at all.