Colin Kaepernick has NFL community split over Denver Broncos pay cut trade

colin kaepernick has nfl community split over broncos pay cut 2016 images

colin kaepernick has nfl community split over broncos pay cut 2016 images

NFL Community Split on Colin Kaepernick’s Reluctance to Take Pay Cut in Denver Broncos Trade Talks

Since quarterback Peyton Manning announced his retirement shortly after their victory in Super Bowl 50 and backup Brock Osweiler fled to the Houston Texans in free agency, the Denver Broncos have been scrambling for a replacement.

John Elway went out and signed Mark Sanchez; however, the Broncos main target from the beginning has been San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. While the Niners seem willing to part ways with their dual-threat QB, Kaep isn’t anxious to take the pay cut the Broncos are asking him to.

So what’s the problem? Kaepernick is only regressing from his Super Bowl XLVII form, and the Broncos are offering to revitalize his career and give him a legitimate shot at another Super Bowl appearance, something the 49ers simply cannot offer in the foreseeable future (unless Chip Kelly can reestablish that magic touch of his).

Well, that’s what the NFL community is debating.

“I think it’s a perfect situation for Colin, and he gets to be around John Elway, he gets to be around Gary Kubiak, who was a quarterback, so you’ll have good mentorship around you,” said Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon. “In San Francisco, he was around defensive-oriented coaches, like Jim Tomsula. When Jim Harbaugh, an offensive-minded guy, was there, that’s when he had his best year. I just hope his ego doesn’t get in the way because they’re asking him to take a pay cut. He can make that money back.”

So I guess Moon is coming in on the championship side. Other quarterbacks have come out in favor of cash, including Matt Flynn.

“You have to,” said Flynn on chasing a check in the NFL as opposed to a Super Bowl. “The window is so short in the NFL. If you get offered a contract out there, I’m all for players getting big deals….Teams are always going to make their money, and a lot of players don’t reap the benefits of that.”

To be fair and balanced to both sides, the Broncos are asking Kaepernick to leave nearly $5 million on the table—a 40 percent salary reduction. How’d you like to make 40 percent less for a shot at glory in your profession?

There are good arguments on both sides; however, only Kaepernick gets to make the final call. Your move, Colin.