Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kevin Gates Loves Fightin’ Women & RHOA Drama

kevin gates beats down two women at club 2015 gossip

celebrity gossip roundup kevin gates movado with jay z 2015

Today on the rumor mill, were talking about big deals and men who like to fight women. Says a lot about them plus more Real Housewives of Atlanta drama that doesn’t involve NeNe Leakes surprisingly.

kevin gates beats down two women at club 2015 gossip

Kevin Gates Gets into A Fight With Two Women

So when you are a rapper, it is a thing to get into fight at your shows. I kind of get it. But Kevin Gates took it to another level when he got into it with one of the female fans in the audience at his most recent show. The incidents happened at Club Z in Flint, MI because, apparently, girls in the crowd kept grabbing for him. Video shows that he was going to town on this girl’s head. Like he literally fought her as if she were a dude.

In the same show, later on he got into another altercation with a female. This is sickening because had this been a regular old Joe, he ass would have been taken to jail right then and there (the cops weren’t even called). Instead, he was allowed to keep going on with his show and did it again that same night. This dude is a joke. What’s even more disturbing is that the damn crowd just kept going on with the show like nothing even happened or like it’s okay for him to beat a female’s ass.

jay z takes over tidal music streaming 2015 gossip

Super Stars Back Tidal Music Streaming Service

Jay Z just continues to prove how big of a businessman he really is. From music, to clothing to sport teams (talk about a diversified portfolio) he has his hand in everything. This week, he added music streaming service to his belt when he became the owner of Tidal, which bills itself as the first service of its kind to be owned by artists.

Mega stars like Madonna, Kanye West and Rihanna, where in attendance in New York for its re-launch under Hova. The details of the whole thing are a little confusing but it coins itself as “lossless” music. Here is the actual definition from the website:

“Seamless listening across mobile, tablet, desktop and network players. Enjoy lossless music streaming on Apple devices from iPhone, iPad and iPod to Mac, as well as on PC and Android systems. Plus integration in high fidelity network players including: Sonos(US, UK and CA), Bluesound, Linn, Auralic, Mirage, Squeezebox, Amarra sQ, McIntosh, Wadia, Electrocompaniet and Meridian.”

While the website has been around for a while (maybe a year) I am sure that having Jay Z behind it and in front of it is a major boost to it’s overall appeal. That is unless you are tired of hearing, seeing and caring about Jigga and his crew. Then, you probably could not care less.  But remember, Justin Timberlake couldn’t save MySpace from being a joke after he threw his name into the mix.

Shares of the streaming company did spike 938% the following day it was announced which isn’t such a surprise. Now it’s all about longevity in this very crowded and dog eat dog market.

demetria mckinney fired from real housewives of atlanta but denies 2015 gossip

Demetria McKinney Fired from RHOA?

So for those that don’t know, singer/actress Demetria McKinney recently did a stint on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). The rumor going around is that she was fired from the show, which is the reason why she was not featured on the RHOA reunion that recently took place.

She apparently was not “invited” to participate in the reunion show and a source close to show told Radar Online that:

“The producers didn’t feel that [Demetria McKinney] had enough to bring to the table.”

That is understandable and would make sense as to why she was not featured because honestly, watching the show, she was barely even on it. I mean, she really didn’t have a storyline and when she did, it was still only about the other girls and their drama. She was very much neutral in every situation that broke out between Team Porsha/ Phaedra and Team Kenya.

The source goes on further to say that she was “banned” (such a harsh word) because she lacked a storyline in season 7 which, like I said above, is true. She shouldn’t count it a loss though because the show, as we all know, it garbage anyway. She is way classier than most of the women on the show so hopefully, she just accepts it for what it is and moves on. She is actually quite talented and should continue to use that to make a name for herself, not some classless reality TV show.

mavado pushes pf changes for black people 2015 gossip

Mavado Disses Philippe Chow

If you are a lover of Chinese food, Mavado says don’t even bother with famed N.Y. restaurant Philippe Chow because they don’t like black people. He is so fed up with them and offended by the way he and his family were treated on a visit to the establishment that he is calling all members of the black community to go to P.F Chang’s instead.

According to the Reggae star, the attempted apology given by the restaurant is riddled with lies and untruths. Furthermore, he calls their claims of loving black people a total joke. All of this stems from Mavado feeling like he and his family were regarded as second class citizens by the PC staff on their last visit with them because they are black.

Of course Philippe Chow’s beg for forgiveness, which came off as the quintessential “I have black friends… I love black people” response, is of no avail for the star and he vows to never go there again.

You have to give it to the man for standing up for what he believes in and for taking it as far as he has. If only more people reacted that strongly when they are wronged, maybe things that this wouldn’t happen so often.