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ava sleeth talks about her supernatural screams and lily sunder 2017 images

Ava Sleeth talks about her ‘Supernatural’ screams and Lily Sunder

Remember the pretty little girl in the Supernatural episode, "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets?" The one that was apparently a nephilim, but actually wasn’t? May Sunder was played by Ava Sleeth
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan and 'Walking Dead's' return 2017 images

Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks Negan, being bad and ‘The Walking Dead’s’ return

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has always been a very busy actor, but as 2015 came to a close, his career warped into light speed hyperdrive. Most fans remember him fondly from his twelve episodes on "Supernatural" playing John Winchester
adam fergus talks supernatural and controlling mr ketch 2017 images

Adam Fergus returns to talk ‘Supernatural’ and controlling Mr Ketch

Adam Fergus, better known to Supernatural fans as the British Men of Letters’ Mick Davies, was on set and in his trailer when I caught up with him this past Friday. This interview includes Adam’s opinion on Mick’s control
miranda edwards talks supernatural and the magicians 2017 images

Miranda Edwards talks ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Magicians’

On Thursday’s episode of Supernatural entitled “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” we meet Benjamin – a very male angel in a female vessel. This “vessel” is played by Miranda Edwards, who is very adept at playing these
Nils Hognestad talks 'Supernatural' and Lilly Sunder's Regrets 2017 images

Nils Hognestad talks ‘Supernatural’ and Lilly Sunder’s Regrets

“Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” is not only the Supernatural episode where we meet Castiel with a female vessel but also Akobel, played by the lovely Nils Hognestad. I have to say I agree with Nils here – the hair and makeup they used for him
Stephen Lobo talks his 'Supernatural' death & Winchester brothers torture 2017 images

Stephen Lobo talks his ‘Supernatural’ death & Winchester brothers torture

I had a chance to catch up again with Supernatural’s Stephen Lobo following Rick Sanchez’s untimely death at the hands of our dear Mr. Ketch. Who knows, we might see Stephen again
david haydn jones talks supernatural mr ketch and winchester hunting 2017 images

David Haydn-Jones talks ‘Supernatural,’ Mr Ketch and Winchester hunting

From the first episode of Supernatural's Season 12, where Lady Toni Bevell says he is a psychopath, to the most current episode, where he’s noted as the one to clean up loose ends, it’s obvious that Arthur Ketch is being teased
barbara kopple talks everything gigi gorgeous 2017 images

Barbara Kopple talks ‘Everything Gigi Gorgeous’

Barbara Kopple's latest documentary will show you that there's way more layers to YouTube sensation Gigi Gorgeous than you knew.
2017 sundance adam sobel brings needed attention with the workers cup images

2017 Sundance: Adam Sobel brings needed attention with ‘The Workers Cup’

Like many great documentarians, Director Adam Sobel didn't search out his subject matter for "The Workers Cup," it found him.
ruth connell talks supernatural rowena and 'coming' with misha collins 2017 images

Ruth Connell talks ‘Supernatural,’ Rowena and ‘Coming’ with Misha Collins

Ruth Connell, known to Supernatural fans as our beloved Rowena, is a spitfire – on set and off. Her resume of productions includes not only Supernatural, but also voice roles as well – for instance