Cam Newton ready for a chat with Roger Goodell

cam newton ready for a chat with roger goodell 2016 images

Cam Newton ready for a chat with Roger Goodell 2016 images

Cam Newton Rips ‘Bullcrap’ No-Calls on Hard Late Hits, Vows to Speak with Roger Goodell

Most people complain that stars and big-money players across sports get preferential treatment from the refs. In football specifically, people say that quarterbacks are a little too well-protected by the zebras. So much as touching a QB now can result in a 15-yard penalty.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn’t feeling the love, however. In fact, he voiced his anger with the referees and the late hits after the team’s 30-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.

“It’s really taking the fun out of the game for me—honestly, it really is,” said Newton on the no-calls. “At times, I don’t even feel safe. Enough is enough. I plan on talking to commissioner Goodell about this. It’s not fun, and I don’t know what I have to do.”

The worst part for Newton was the “bullcrap” and “horsecrap” hit in the second half he took to the knees. No flags were thrown.

“I could have torn an ACL,” said Newton. “That was the breaking point for me. When you constantly see the hits, when you constantly see flags being picked up and flags not being thrown, and to see other quarterbacks getting it for less physical hits, it’s taking the fun for me out. I’m just being honest about that.”

The 2015 NFL MVP may just be trying to turn the talking points away from how bad the Panthers are doing this season, but he does have a point. Newton has seen more than his fair share of big hits this season. Whether or not those hits actually deserved to draw flags is a matter of speculation—and, of course, Newton is a little biased.

“I showed a lot of frustration today, and I apologize to the referee I was talking to. But I don’t think there’s a person that can go through what I go through and keep their head, you know what I’m saying? Hits to the head, that’s one thing, but when you’re not protected in the pocket, that’s another thing…That’s bullcrap, that’s bullcrap.”

Let’s see what a conversation with Roger Goodell can do for the reigning MVP.