Bruce Jenner Handing Cell Phone Over To L.A. Police Voluntarily

Bruce Jenner Handing Cell Phone Over To L.A. Police Voluntarily

Bruce Jenner is being very smart in letting it be known that he’s willing to voluntarily hand over his cell phone to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. In the pictures that photographers took of the accident as it occurred, it did not look like he was texting or on the cell phone. When you see the pictures, he’s looking ahead at the car in front of him, and you know when cars start slamming on the brakes, it can be a major chain reaction, especially in L.A. Plus that road is known to be extremely dangerous and has taken many lives.

After it was reported that paparazzi wasn’t to blame for Bruce Jenner’s fatal car crash, the Olympic gold medalist announced that he was handing over his cell phone to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. to prove he wasn’t texting or making a call on Saturday at the time of the accident, TMZ has reported today.

Since TMZ seems to have a batphone hooked in directly to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept, an official there confirmed that rather than force authorities to get a search warrant for his phone, Jenner was voluntarily handing it over to them. Because he gave his promise verbally, the Dept. needs to get it in writing to be able to gain access to that information from the cell phone carrier.

Woman Killed In Bruce Jenner Three Car Accident

Legal sources are saying that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” partriarch most likely won’t be charged with a crime, but he can be suit in civil court as there’s a law about following another car too closely. We reported yesterday that the white Prius in front of traffic made a sudden stop causing the white Lexus to crash into it and then Jenner’s vehicle hit the Lexus. Officials have said that Jenner should have been further away from the Lexus since he was pulling a trailer with Polaris UTV.

Criminal defense attorney James E. Silverstein spoke out regarding the possibility that Jenner will be facing jail time due to negligence in the accident, revealing:

“Bruce Jenner has put himself in a tough spot. He has admitted driving a vehicle which struck another vehicle, causing at least one death and several other serious injuries. He has apparently told the Sheriff’s Department that he was not driving under the influence and was attempting to flee paparazzi who were on his tail.”

woman killed in white car after bruce jenner rear ends her 2015

Silverstein reveals that because of the seriousness of the collision, the case will certainly be investigated to determine the degree of charges that could be held against the former Olympian.

Silverstein stresses that vehicular manslaughter will most likely be the charge filed against Jenner, revealing that it could either be “a misdemeanor or a felony,” depending on the degree of negligence determined, which can result in up to six years in prison.

Jenner was on his way back from picking up his Polaris UTV at a wounded veterans group he had loaned it to.

There will obviously be more to this story as the days go on, and we’ll report to you what we find out.