BRING IT! Season 3 Recap: Bucking In Bama Camryn Takes Charge

BRING IT Season 3 Recap Bucking In Bama Camryn Takes Charge

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This week on the Lifetime hit show Bring It, the girls are once again dancing for their lives. While the last few episodes have kept them in their beloved Mississippi, the Dancing Dolls travel to Mobile, Alabama to compete.

They don’t have a particular team to beat this week either. The central conflict this time around deals with having to find a head captain for competition and a mother who is trying to make sure her daughter is well rounded in all of her extracurricular activities which is an issue for Ms. D.

With Kayla leaving (she is graduating) this year, the need to find a new captain is quickly approaching. Ms. D figures that their competing in Alabama is the perfect time to try out the girls who could potentially take her place. Since the rules in Alabama require that whomever does the solo leads the stand competition, she chooses two girls, Camryn and Tamia, to “battle” each other during practice in order to win the leading spot.

The girls go at it to show what they can do. The rest of the team watches, as do the moms, and it is up to Dianna and Kayla, the current captain, to say who gets it. Both girls did pretty good but of course only onr can be chosen. Ms. D picks Camryn. Now for the record, I was not really that impressed with her dancing and I thought that Tamia did a better job. Neither one was as good as Kayla (my favorite) but one had to be picked.

That is one of the refreshing things about this show. While the parents can get all kinds of ratchet and without a doubt, so does Ms. D, the girls seem to be unfazed by their ghetto fabulous ways. I know that does not mean that they can’t get buck with it too, but for the sake of the show, not showing the girls in the same light as the adults is a good call by the producers.

Anyway, while practice is going on, Rittany and her daughter/ niece Crystianna come in about 15 minutes late. We know that Dianna does not like that. Then to make the matters worse, when asked why she was late, Crystianna says, “Cheerleading.” Why the hell did she say that? Ms. D stops in her tracks, looks at her and then proceeds to walk out the door to address Rittany. Apparently, the girls cannot do any other activities outside of the Dancing Dolls and according to Dianna, they know this and signed the contract agreeing to it. In her view, Rittany is dead ass wrong and she is going to deal with her after practice. She tells her to see her in her office.

Rittany’s whole argument is that she wants Crystianna to be well rounded. She wants her to go to football games, and dances and cheerlead if she wants. And I totally agree with her. It is very self-serving for Ms. D to make the girls forsake all others to be a DD. I think a girl should be able to be involved in as many activities as she possibly can. I also see the other side though, and the only reason I have to give Dianna some points here is because the parents knew this was a part of the deal with they signed up to be a DD. While I think she is wrong for requiring it, she is not wrong for being upset that Rittany is “violating” it.  Actually Miss D is teaching the girl early what it’s like to stick to something and excel at it rather than doing ten things all at once and never mastering them. When these girls get out in the real world school of dance, they’ll realize that they were trained really well and having to focus so much on their craft will come much easier to them.

Rittany sees Dianna in her office and the sparks fly. Rittany cuses at her telling her she is wrong, etc. Ms. D, surprisingly, keeps her calm and tells her point blank, if Crystianna messes up this week, she’s cut of the team indefinitely. She also told this to Crystianna in practice. Rittany leaves but not without deciding to pay the Purple Diamonds, the other top Jacksonville team, a visit.

Meanwhile, Camryn is having some trouble getting the funk and grind that she needs for the solo and the head captain. She performs in front of the girls and Ms. D is not too happy with what she sees. She is hard on her and tells her she better not mess it up. This is her only chance

The day of the event comes and the crew travels to Mobile. And let me say something about their crew- they roll deep. It’s not just the girls and their moms but it seems like all of Jacksonville travels with them. Camryn’s mom is all kinds of nervous and expresses this to Ms. D. I think that Dianna deals with the parents according to their personality and how they deal with her because she is cool and speaks softly to Camryn, who comes off as the peacemaker of the parents. She tells her not to worry, Camryn is going to do fine.

Back in the bleachers, Rittany is missing. We find out that she has paid a gone to see Shanika and the Purple Diamonds and I have to say, I think Shanika is a classy lady. The first thing she asked her is, “Does Dianna know you’re here?” Rittany tells her what she is thinking about doing and likes what she hears when Shanika tells her that they don’t practice on Fridays.

BRING IT Season 3 Recap Bucking In Bama Camryn Takes Charge

Back at the competition, Camryn does the solo and of course kills it. She leads the girls in the stand battle and they kill it. The Dancing Dolls win both categories and Crystianna did not mess up. Ms. D is very pleased by all of this although she tells Crystianna that every week is cut week for her.

Good job girls! Now let’s see how you do next week.