BRING IT! Captain Down Recap: Kayla Works Through the Pain

bring it kyla dancing dolls vs dazzling divas 2015 images

This week on Bring It, the girls head back to Atlanta to compete in the creative dance and stand battle facing one of their biggest rivals in the Dazzling Divas at the ATL Bomb Squad Buck Off. Selena and Ms. D are at it again as well but this time it is over Sunjai.kyla hurt in bring it lifetime recap 2015 images

This week too Kayla runs into some issue because she feels like she has pulled something in her leg which causes Ms. D to tell her to sit it out. She doesn’t really want to but her mom, who agrees with Ms. D, tells her to do so.

During the cuts, the girls dance and Sunjai, who is having some trouble with the flip over walk, doesn’t make the cut. This sends Selena into a rage, because you know, Sunjai is Beyonce and shit.  She wants her daughter in the spotlight of the Dancing Dolls before she goes off to college. “I want Sunjai to be apart of everything.” She is going off to the parents about it and MiMi tells her about herself.  She says to Selena that Sunjai didn’t make it because she’s not good enough obviously. Brittney breaks them up.

Here you can really tell that the other parents are super tired of Selena being on her high horse about her girls. It’s like no one is better than Sky, Star and Sunjai and the whole world needs to change and bend to accommodate them and what they can and can’t do. It doesn’t really show too much in the show, but I bet her girls are full of themselves just like their mother. I mean, Selena is beautiful and so are her girls, but she takes it too far each week. She has to realize that sometimes it happens that your girls just aren’t up to the task for that particular week and leave it at that.

Selena of course, is not having this and for whatever reason, decides to get all up in Ms. D’s face on the day of the competition and Ms. D gets right back in her face.  During their argument, Selena tells her that her daughter deserves to be in the routine and that Diana should have changed it so that she could do the stunts (which is the main reason she got cut). Ms. D looks at her like “bitch please” and tells her that Sunjai needs to get her act together. She then walks away and nudges  her (yes she put her hands on Selena) back away from the door, closing it in her face. Selena keeps going off but to no avail and then walks away saying, “I’m tired of this.

For the life of me, I don’t know why these parents, when their kids don’t make the cut, feel like it is their right to go to Diana and demand that she put them back into the routine. Like come on ladies. She is not going to budge one little bit, so why the hell do you keep trying to make her.

The time comes for them to go on the dance floor to do what they gotta do for the creative dance category. They have a very unique routine, as they are brought out in baby doll looking boxes, which is very creative. They do pretty well and are able to do the walk over, which a lot of girls had trouble with during practice, perfectly.  Oh and you know that Selena is salty watching it because Sunjai is not out there. She says that Ms. D will see next time (even if she has to open up her eyes for her) that Sunjai needs to dance every week.

With the whole situation that is going on with Kayla, MiMi is in the back pumping her daughter up about the possibility of having to lead stand because of Kayla’s leg.  At the same time, Kayla’s mom is also back there helping her stretch and it is still up in the air about whether or not she will lead the battle because according to Ms. D if she her leg is still bothering her, she is not going to dance.

bring it kyla dancing dolls vs dazzling divas 2015 images

When it is time to go on the dance floor, Kayla decides that she can do it and goes out there.  The girls do really well and it is “over the top amazing.”

dancing dolls vs dazzling divas on bring it 2015 lifetime

And let me just say here too wow, the Dazzling Diva poke fun at DD, as that seems to be the thing to do, and they actually do a great job. Ms. D and Kayla, however, think that it’s just okay but Diana feels that because the Dazzling Divas are the home team and that gives them an advantage and may give them the win.

kayla hurt for dancing dolls vs dazzling divas 2015

In the end, the girls take second place for the creative dance which leads Selena to say that had Sunjai been out there, they would have won. Um okay Selena… sure. In the competition that really matters, the Dance Battle, DD4L takes first place.

Everyone is very proud of Kayla as she proved why she is the captain.