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BIG BROTHER 1708: Da’Vonne out Rob Gronkowski In

BIG BROTHER 1708: Da’Vonne out Rob Gronkowski In

big brother 1708 davonne evicted gronkowski 2015 imagesOn tonight’s episode of Big Brother said Meg is the pawn for the week because no one will vote to evict her. Jason said he felt like his soul was crushed at the thought that Da’vonne might get evicted. Shelli started to feel bad about trying to evict Da’vonne.big brother phone booth 1708 imagesKathy Griffin announced she’d be calling a payphone in the house and the houseguest who answered on the right call would get to choose three people to be safe from eviction this week, which excited Da’vonne . Jason answered the first call and was told to stop being annoying. The tips continued trough five more phone calls until Da’vonne took the winning phone call.

Audrey said Da’vonne might get her vote to stay because if Da’vonne is evicted Audrey will be the next one targeted for eviction. Shelli said she had felt confident that Da’vonne was going home but now she wasn’t so sure.

 davonne calls out big brother twins twist 2015 imagesDa’vonne said she noticed there were a pair of twins in the house. She said she noticed Liz’s body isn’t the same every time she sees it. Jason said he knew from past seasons that twins had fooled people and this season he was seeing the same thing. The housemates then figured out this was the hidden twist for the season. In a heart to heart Da’vonne told Julia people were saying she was a twin. Julia said she didn’t think anyone would have figured it out this early in the game.

The three people that Da’vonne chose to sit out of tonight’s eviction vote are Becky, Jeff and Jackie. They were told to go to the dining room so that they wouldn’t be a part of the voting process. Then Da’vonne and Meg made their statements. Da’vonne said there are strong people and cowards and that she was strong, but the cowards were ruling the house. She told Jason she had nothing negative to say about him. Meg said Da’vonne was among the strongest women she ever met. Jason chose Meg, Clay chose Da’vonne, John chose Da’vonne, and Audrey chose Meg, resulting in a tie between Meg and Da’vonne. Austin then came along and chose Da’vonne also. Julia chose Da’vonne. Vanessa chose Da’vonne. James and Steve also chose Da’vonne.

davone meg react to big brother rob gronkowski 2015 imagesJulie Chen interviewed Da’vonne and acknowledged that she figured out the Twin Twist. Julie asked Da’vonne how she ended up evicted rather than Audrey and Da’vonne said she thought the housemates wouldn’t evict Audrey because she is the only transgender person on the show. Da’vonne said she thought being very vocal is what cost her the game. She also said if she had the chance to play the game all over again she would play it the same way. Clay said he had love for Da’vonne and Jason said he would have been lost without her there.

rob gronkowski joins big brother 17 2015Rob Gronkowski announced he was taking over the game and they were going to party all week long. He also said there would be no have nots, but they had to do their head of household competition immediately.

austin vanessa big brother hoh 2015 imagesShelli sat out of the head of household competition, which was a game of Gronk Pong. The two house guests that got the highest score became head of household for the week. Austin scored the highest and became a head of household. The other head of household ended up being Vanessa.

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