BIG BROTHER 1707: Da’Vonne Keeps Fighting

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big brother 1707 davonne fighting eviction 2015 imagesOn tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Shelli said being head of household has its perks. Jason said he was relieved he was safe this week but was worried Da’vonne might go home. Audrey said no one was talking about the game with her so she was just eavesdropping on the housemates conversations. Shelli then announced it was time to choose players for the veto competition.big brother clay shirtless 1707 2015Audrey said she wanted to be able to compete in the veto competition because it would make the game safer for her. Shelli chose Clay, John chose Meg and Da’vonne ended up picking Steve. Shelli chose Jackie to host the veto competition. Audrey said Clay was reassuring her she was safe in the game.

The veto competition was a memory test in which the participating housemates had to identify and retrieve a missing object. John was chosen for round one and chose to battle Da’vonne. John was the first one to choose the correct item, meaning Da’vonne lost that round. John then chose Steve for round two, who challenged Clay. Clay got the right item first, eliminating Steve from the round. Clay chose Meg to play in round three who challenged Shelli. Since Shelli brought back the wrong item she was eliminated from the round. This annoyed Meg and made her question how Shelli became head of household. Meg then chose John for the next round, who challenged Meg also. John brought back the correct item, eliminating Meg again. John and Clay played the fifth round of the veto competition. John won the veto competition, which stressed out Da’vonne. Shelli said now she had to put up a replacement nominee for eviction and she didn’t want to have to do that.

big brother 1707 recap davonne images 2015Shelli said that she was worried about Becky and she told Becky her target was Da’vonne. Becky said she didn’t trust Audrey because she manipulates people. Vanessa said she didn’t want to go on the block but didn’t want her allies to either. Becky told Vanessa they were trying to get Da’vonne out of the house. John said he didn’t care who goes up for eviction this week. Shelli told Liz that she was thinking of putting her on the chopping block for eviction, Liz said she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Austin said he had to make sure Liz stayed safe in the game. Liz said she had to work her way out of this mess.

big borther 1707 john wins veto 2015 imagesAustin wanted to get Vanessa on board to talk to Shelli about getting Meg put up for elimination rather than Liz. Shelli said if she put Meg up for eviction no one would vote to evict her because she’s so nice. Audrey told Clay he was coming across as condescending to her. She also said she felt completely abandoned. Clay said he didn’t trust Audrey but he and Shelli were keeping her from being put up for eviction.

Da’vonne said she hoped Shelli put Audrey up for eviction so that Da’vonne would be safe. At the veto meeting John announced he was using his veto to stay in the game. Shelli then chose Meg Maley as the replacement nominee for eviction. Jason said he was unhappy that Da’vonne is up for eviction.

Some extras from Big Brother 1707:

  • Part of Shelli’s plan to evict Da’Vonne involves going against what she told Becky about the agreed upon plan to backdoor Audrey. And poor, poor, naive Becky. The show toys with her Diary Room sessions. Practically every time Shelli informs us of her real motivations as Head of Household, Big Brother would cut to Becky’s own DR interviews, where her plucky spirit could not be squashed. You was so assured that Audrey would be nominated that when Shelli reveals to her what her actual plan is, I was shocked Becky didn’t react with more anger. She’s either great at keeping a happy face on, or suppressing all of her rage until it spills out during a house meeting that no onewants to be in attendance for.
  • Austin’s lie worked surprisingly well on Shelli, and it’s a bit sad that the actual conversation was so innocuous. Meg was just commiserating (as far as we were shown) about not having any boys in her life… as three guys crowded her bed.
  • Audrey continues to dig herself a hole this week. Initially worried that everyone is talking game without her, she sends most of the episode in solitude, until she tries to convince Clay that she has reason to be concerned. But her attempts to find out whether she’s a target in the house only infuriates Clay further, after he earlier explicitly told her she was. Not. The. Target.
  • We’re up to twin switch #6 by now, and so far no one has been shown to be overly suspicious. For those following along, I don’t watch the feeds, so there may very well be some who have caught on in the house. On the edited episodes, though, it looks like the twist remains intact. For now.