Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 Blue Ivy ‘Formation’ & OJ Simpson Indifference on Cuba Gooding Jr

beyonce formation dirty drops super bowl 50

Beyonce's Super Bowl 50 Blue Ivy 'Formation' 2016 gossipBeyonce made all her fans happy when the singer quietly dropped a new song and video, “Formation (Dirty)” for free Saturday just one day before her upcoming and highly anticipated Super Bowl 50 Halftime show.

The singer’s daughter, Blue Ivy, also makes an appearance multiple times throughout the politically-charged, New Orleans-set video. It begins with Beyonce on top of a police car in a flooded street and later cuts to a man holding a newspaper with Martin Luther King Jr.’s face on the cover with the title “The Truth.” Later on, a young hooded black boy dances in front of a line of SWAT officers before the video cuts to a graffitied wall with the words “stop shooting us” tagged on it.

beyonce formation dirty drops super bowl 50

As Super Bowl 50 quickly approaches more details are being released about the epic halftime show that will be taking place. A few weeks ago it was revealed that Beyoncé would be joining Coldplay on stage for the show. However, the A-list lineup doesn’t stop there, as the soulful singer will also be taking the stage.

On Friday Bruno posted an image of himself at the stadium doing preparation for Sunday’s show. Alongside the image he said, “It ain’t a party if Mr $how Up & $how out doesn’t show up. #Confirmed #SB50 #Halftime #Coldplay #Beyoncé #TheBrunz #Shwaaaggg.”\

Bruno Mars, Instagram post:bruno mars does super bowl 50 2016 gossip

Just like Beyoncé, Bruno has already taken the stage in previous years. In fact, it was just two years ago (in 2014) that he headlined the halftime show at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII. His performance ended up earning him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for “Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program.”

Earlier in the week, Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin gave the press a few insights about what to expect during the star-studded show. He explained, “One of [our band’s] favorite places to play in the world is a place called Glastonbury festival, which is a big music festival that happen in England. It’s full of color and pageantry, and it’s an amazing sort of spiritual home of music in England.” Chris went on to claim that they are hoping to bring the same sort of atmosphere to their halftime show.You can catch Coldplay, Beyoncé and now Bruno Mars as well when they take the stage at Super Bowl 50’s halftime, which airs Sunday, February 7 on CBS.

oj simpson indifferent on cuba gooding 2016 gossipWhile FX’s latest series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has been getting rave reviews from viewers and critics alike, there is one particularly relevant person who is not so over-the-moon with the show.

On February 4th’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live actor Cuba Gooding Jr., who plays O.J. Simpson in the series, revealed that he was told what the man himself, O.J. Simpson, thought about the show. Although O.J. is currently in a Nevada jail, he did manage to share his opinion with several people who eventually contacted Cuba. Cuba told Andy, “He must be posted up at the payphone in jail right now. It’s like everybody keeps giving a quote that he said.”

Cuba went on to quote what O.J. apparently told people, saying, “He hasn’t seen the show, but ‘Cuba’s portrayal I feel indifferent about.” Subsequently, Cuba expressed his confusion regarding O.J.’s review. Indirectly addressing O.J., Cuba exclaimed, “Well, what is it? Have you seen the show or you feel indifferent?”

Nonetheless, even if Cuba and the show didn’t necessarily get rave reviews from the person in whom the show is based on, it has already established itself to be a hit for the network. It has now been reported that the pilot episode (which premiered last Tuesday) pulled in 5.1 million viewers, making it FX’s most watched launch of a series.

You can catch the second episode of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson when it airs on FX next Tuesday, February 9.

If you happened to miss the pilot episode, you can check out our recap of it here.