10 Alternatives to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

10 Alternatives to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show 2016 images

10 Alternatives to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show 2016 imagesI love Beyoncé as much as the next person. I still can’t get behind watching her at halftime of the Super Bowl. The “concert” scene is too contrived and just doesn’t fit with the biggest game of the year.

I don’t need to see 200 cookie cutter “music fans” surround the stage at halftime acting like their having the best time of their lives. Are these people extras from Hollywood?

There are 266 NFL games each year including the regular season and the playoffs. Yet the most important one of them all, number 267, needs to have a musical performance right in the middle of it? Even with the Super Bowl being an event to shame all other events each year, it is still a football game.

I cannot be the only NFL fan who is disgruntled at the halftime show every year. More grumpy fans are out there who want to skip over Beyonce‘s  performance even with Vegas giving 5-3 odds on some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

Tempting but I’m still gonna flip the channel after the first half ends.

What is there to watch, though. No channel wants to compete with the Super Bowl. It would be more energy efficient if every other network just took the day off. Hell, maybe they already do. Who would know?

There are options for the extended halftime show on February 7th, and I’m here to let you all know what they are. Netflix and Youtube are available to ride out halftime. These offerings should fit nicely into the approximate 30 minutes it will take to get back to the football game.

Remember, that’s the reason for all this insanity. A football game is being played between the two best teams in the world.

Check these shows / clips out to avoid the compressed concert at midfield that only serves to delay the game.

friday night types for super bowl 50 halftime 2016

10. I don’t promote much reality TV, but with the alternative being a fake concert I will make an exception. Check out Friday Night Tykes if for no other reason than to feel better about your parenting skills.

ufc fight over super bowl 509. Passing the time watching UFC fighters knock each other unconscious is the perfect way to avoid halftime activities. Grab some cheese dip and get ready to watch some guys go limp without watching Viagra commercials that cost $2 million per 30 seconds.

jim gaffigan mr universe over super bowl 508. Jim Gaffigan’s comedy special, Mr. Universe, on Netflix may hit too close to home for some Super Bowl party guests with buffalo wing sauce dripping off their ears.
super bowl 1 images
7. Go ON Demand for the rebroadcast of Super Bowl I that first aired on Friday, January 22 at 8 pm on the NFL Network. Then just check out what the very first Super Bowl looked like in contrast to what you just witnessed in the first half of number 50.

john mulaney comeback kid for super bowl

6. John Mulaney is the funniest guy ever to look like an accountant. Dude is off the beaten path and will have you cracking up with his newest Netflix special, The Comeback Kid. His routine should relieve some stress from the 30 remaining minutes of Phil Sims.

espn four falls of buffalo for super bowl

5. ESPN’s 30 for 30 films are all good. One of the most fitting for the occasion of Super Bowl Sunday is The Four Falls of Buffalo. There has never been a more heartbreaking experience for a Super Bowl team and their city. I can’t even fathom the thought of a professional footballer getting four straight shots at the biggest prize in their world only to fall short each and every time. Their fourth trip was so upsetting to me that I contemplated not watching the big game since it was apparent fate was not interested in the Bills owning a Lombardi Trophy.

Making a Murderer Filmmakers Speak on Steven Avery backlash 2016 images

4. I hesitate to list “Making a Murderer” here since you won’t have time to watch the entire episode before the game starts back. If you do give it a shot, just make sure you come back after the game is over to finish episode one. It is one of the most shocking films I have ever seen with twists at the end of almost every single viewing.

chasing tyson over super bowl

3. You can’t finish Chasing Tyson in just 30 minutes, but it will wet your appetite for the rest of the story involving one of the most interesting figures in sports history, Iron Mike Tyson. Watch as Evander Holyfield seeks to take his Heavyweight Title away.

friday night lights for super bowl

2. If you’ve forgotten the passion that comes with the game of football with all the prop bets, 11-hour pregame show, and two weeks of Super hype, I’ve got your remedy at number two. This compilation of Friday Night Lights the series will have you pumped up for the second half and what football really means.

aziz ansari master of none super bowl

1. Yes, it’s great to watch Beyoncé on stage. But unless you are into a clunky collaboration between she and Coldplay you best check out one of the funniest guys in America. Aziz Ansari’s Master of None episodes are 30 minutes long, so start episode one up as soon as the first half ends. If you don’t think it’s laugh out loud funny, then flip back to the dog and pony show on CBS. Your loss.