Beyonce’s career cleaning spree with Coldplay & Wendy Williams on wrong side of Kanye West

beyonce's career cleaning spree 2016 gossip

Beyonce goes on career cleaning spree

What do you do when you have reached greats heights of success? Fire your whole entire team so you can go even higher. That’s what Beyoncé did, and some people are questioning if the move was necessary.

First of all, Bey is already like the highest paid, most accomplished artist ever, so initially, it’s difficult to understand what she is doing in getting rid of a team that has been working with her for nearly ten years. But as reported by Page Six, the move isn’t anything personal and has everything to do with wanting to take her career to the next level.

“…We’ve learned that Beyoncé has split with her general manager… Lee Anne Callahan-Longo… Beyoncé is now working with Steve Pamon, who was JPMorgan Chase’s head of sports and entertainment marketing and masterminded the bank’s sponsorship of Queen Bey and Jay Z’s 2014 On the Run tour.”

A source goes on further telling the publication,

“Beyoncé basically cleaned house, got rid of her whole team, which included her cousin, and hired a new team. She wants to surround herself with business people who could take her career to an even higher level.”

The shake up sounds like it’s a part of a reinvention the artist is preparing to reveal. Apparently, along with performing at the Super Bowl halftime show with Coldplay, Bey will also release new music on Sunday.

indians not happy with coldplay beyonce collaboration 2016Coldplay & Beyonce not popular with Indians right now

If we know Beyoncé, she has something totally awesome in store for us, and it looks as if she gave us a peek of what’s to come with her Coldplay collaboration. But not everyone is feeling it, especially citizens of India. I am sure it has everything to do with the video for their song “Hymn For the Weekend” which has all kinds of cultural appropriation.

According to CNN, many Indians feel that “the video is nothing more than an amalgamation of clichés about the country” with its “snake-charmers and nagins.” Critics, of course, have taken to social media to express their disgust about the overt use of stereotypes present in the video. Mihir Joshi, a local musician, feels that it is a total misrepresentation of India people and culture.

“I find it annoying… “Coldplay came to India; they’ve seen the kind of people we have. India has young, educated, affluent, good-looking people as well.”

Even with the complaints by those who take offense at the video, people like Sonam Kapoor, a popular Bollywood actor, doesn’t share their sentiments.

“We as Indians use a lot of westernization in our films and our music videos. No one speaks of us offending other people’s sensibilities.”

Regardless of what people are saying about the Coldplay/Beyoncé collab, people are saying stuff nonetheless. And in the world of the rich and famous, that’s what it comes down to right? People saying stuff.

wendy williams kanye west feud 2016 gossipWendy Williams on wrong side of Kanye West

Well, it looks like Wendy Williams has talked herself right onto Kanye West’s bad side. The Chicago rapper has reportedly dropped a diss song about the TV personality.

It’s a complicated situation. Kanye was pissed at Wendy for insinuating that his wife Kim K likes the idea of being married to what she “thinks” is a man more than actually being married. Meaning that she puts up with a lot of shit, like Kanye’s twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. Yeesus, clearly not having it, apparently went straight into the studio and recorded a diss track about Wendy for his upcoming album Waves. According to, an inside source revealed some of the lyrics, and they go a little something like this:

“You obsessed with me/Keep testing me/You may be wearing dresses, but you a man like me/Got bigger hands than me/Let me see, your birther please/A dude in a wig that really wanna be me!”

Kanye will always come for people who come for him or his family, but when Kim heard the track, she expressed concern that Caitlyn Jenner might think the song to be about her. The source explains:

“Kim was concerned that Caitlyn would be offended by the record – it would appear as though Kanye was in some way attacking that movement instead of just targeting Wendy.”

Knowing Kanye, he is going to listen to his wife because in my view, despite what people say, they seem to have a pretty decent relationship. And with the selfie Amber Rose and Kim took this week at Kris Jenner’s house, it looks like everyone is learning to play nice. Ye confirmed to Big Boy of the Real 92.3 that the meeting did take place and his wife and ex are “making amends.”

“Yes…That is a real picture…They were at Kris’ house… Making amends is something that Kim has wanted to do… Amber and Kim are both mothers, and it was the right thing to do.”

Kanye let it be known that his rap was a spook of Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like A Lady” which was an obvious swipe at Wendy Williams mannish side. Kim was angry that her husband may piss off Williams, who has been rather friendly to the Kardashian-Jenner clan in most respects. Naturally, the ‘divorce’ word is making the rounds among the gossip mongers.

Well isn’t that just lovely!