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‘Empire’s’ Taraji P Henson trouble telling these white boys apart

It is a mix up that anybody could have made I suppose. Either way, Taraji P. Henson tweeted her excitement when Coldplay hit the halftime stage, only she called them Maroon 5.

Beyonce had no problem saying ‘no’ to Chris Martin & Whitney Houston death reopened

For those who feel like there is a lot of mysteries surrounding the death of Whitney Houston, you will be happy know that a request has been made for the investigation into her death to be revisited.

Beyonce’s career cleaning spree with Coldplay & Wendy Williams on wrong side of Kanye West

What do you do when you have reached greats heights of success? Fire your whole entire team so you can go even higher. That’s what Beyoncé did, and some people are questioning if the move was necessary.

Lucy Hale Races Up Paper & Adriana Lima Denies Justin Bieber

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, Simon Cowell was recently the victim of a home break-in. The burglar gained access to the key to Simon’s vault and took family heirlooms as well as cash and jewelry.

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