‘Empire’s’ Taraji P Henson trouble telling these white boys apart

empires taraji p henson trouble these white boys apart 2016 gossip

taraji p henson confused coldplay with maroon 5 2016 gossip

Taraji P. Henson Confuses her Bands, Calls Coldplay Maroon 5

It is a mix up that anybody could have made I suppose. Either way, Taraji P. Henson tweeted her excitement when Coldplay hit the halftime stage, only she called them Maroon 5.

“YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! #maroon5 is life to me!!! #superbowl50 #HappyCamper.”

Because the Internet has no chill and social media is a bitch, she realized her mistake and quickly responded.

empires taraji p henson trouble these white boys apart 2016 gossip

“Oooooooopppps. Lmao! #Superbowl50.”

I love it; she didn’t even apologize. Of course, some publication was going to get to the bottom of the flub. Entertainment Tonight asked her about the mix-up and Taraji “explained” what had happened.

“So, I don’t know if you know how it goes down in the suites…They put a lot of drinks in there — Kool-Aid, lemonade, iced tea. I mixed it all, and I sat there, and I’m sitting with people who drank the Kool-Aid as well… “Everyone’s talking about Maroon 5, and I put it down…And I’m like, ‘That’s not Maroon 5, right?’ And they’re like, ‘No, that’s Maroon 5!’ and I’m like, ‘Are you sure?”

chris martin with adam levine shirtless empireSuuuurrreee TP, blame in on the “Kool-Aide and your friends telling you the wrong band.

The Empire actress doesn’t really mind the attention from her mistake, it is clear, being that she and her beau were and are hugged up even more. I mean who really cares about a mistake on social media when you are in love?

The two were photographed all kinds of “booed up” during Super Bowl 50. An NFL football player himself, Kelvin Hayden seems to have the right amount of class and swag to keep the DC hottie satisfied and on her toes.

As always, good for her!