Beyoncé amping up Coachella, Donald Trump Jr. penis chat and ‘Terminator’ reboot

Beyoncé amping up Coachella, Donald Trump Jr. penis chat and 'Terminator' reboot 2018 images

Beyoncé is pulling out all the stops for her upcoming Coachella performance.

As you may remember, early last year, Beyoncé unexpectedly pulled out as one of the headliners at the 2017 installment of the world-renowned music festival. She was prompted to do so, as she announced that she was pregnant with her second and third child, twins Rumi and Sir. However, the Lemonade artist is clearly hoping to make it up to fans who were disappointed in her cancellation last year. New reports claim that the star has hired a whopping 100 dancers to help make her performance as memorable as possible.

In a new report from TMZ, it is claimed that Beyoncé just recently decided to up the production of her show. She previously had about a dozen dancers enlisted to dance alongside her. However, she has decided to increase this over 8-fold. She is now rehearsing in a much larger space to accommodate her new plans, while the stage she will be performing at during the festival is in the beginning stages of being set-up and decked out with over-the-top lighting and décor.

Inevitably, Beyoncé does not want any festival-goers to know what to expect. Before hiring on the new dancers, Beyoncé ensured that they all signed tight non-disclosure agreements.

Beyoncé is set to take the Coachella stage on April 13th, 2018.

Donald Trump Jr. has a long lost interview with the Adam Carolla Show from January 2007 that he did at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles that he’s probably wishing had stayed hidden.

That’s the beauty and double-edged sword of the internet. As little Don learned from that Trump Tower meeting, e-mails and interviews never disappear.

In the interview (above is full unedited version), he discusses whether he would kill daddy Donald for cash, if he’s attracted to stepmom number 2 Melania Trump, the size of his penis, the size of daddy Donald’s penis and how they compare. Then with one answer, you know the future of their marriage was already doomed.

This interview was offline for some time, but like a bad penny, it’s back for your enjoyment.

On His Current “Hell”

“Can you believe the hell I’m going through? I’m at the Playboy Mansion with a pregnant wife! It doesn’t get worse than that, does it? Now, I love my wife, but that is rough. And I’m going to pay for these statements later on tonight. I’m gonna pay.”

On the State of His Attraction to Melania Trump, His Step-Mother

“I think she’s a very lovely lady.”

On Who’s Bigger

“You know, and I will get fired for this, but I’m never going to say that I don’t. I will get fired for that. By the way, they’re both pretty substantial I think.”

Since it’s 2018, sadly, this isn’t even the first time in the past 24 hours that Donald Trump’s penis has made national headlines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger back from hospital after heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger left a Los Angeles hospital Friday after a heart procedure, his spokesman said.

The spokesman, Daniel Ketchell, said in an email that the 70-year-old “Terminator” actor and former California governor is “home and doing incredibly well.”

Schwarzenegger underwent a scheduled procedure March 29. A pulmonic valve originally installed in 1997 for a congenital heart defect had to be replaced. He’s been tweeting from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for several days, including this one on Monday:

“It’s true: I’m back! I went to sleep expecting to wake up with a small incision and woke up with a big one — but guess what? I woke up, and that’s something to be thankful for.”

russell crowe art of divorce auction

A 128-year-old Italian violin that Russell Crowe learned to play in a few months before he starred in the 19th-century war drama “Master and Commander” stole the show among movie memorabilia on offer at the Oscar-winning actor’s auction on Saturday.

The rare instrument by Leandro Bislach sold for 135,000 Australian dollars ($104,000), the highest price for movie-related offerings among 227 lots up for sale in Sydney as part of the Australia-based New Zealander’s divorce settlement.

More surprisingly, a costume that Crowe wore in the same 2003 movie wasn’t far behind, raking in AU$115,000.

While the violin was close to the top of Sotheby Australia’s valuation, the winning bid for character Captain Jack Aubrey’s dress uniform exceeded the auctioneer’s hopes by AU$80,000.

The violin’s price was only exceeded by a painting from Crowe’s extensive collection by Australian artist Brett Whiteley, “Moreton Bay Fig and Palms,” which sold for AU$190,000.

The auction, titled “The Art of Divorce,” took place on the actor’s 54th birthday and the anniversary of his wedding to singer Danielle Spencer in 2003.

A cheerful Crowe made an appearance after Sydney actress-singer Alisa Nasteski sang Happy Birthday and the crowd of bidders and spectators — some in formal wear, others wearing sports team-colored beanies — gave him three cheers

“G’day folks, how’re you doing?” Crowe said to the crowd. “Are you having a little bit of fun? It’s exciting, isn’t it? So it’s been a lot of fun putting it together for you.”

Immediately afterward, the violin— which Crowe described as “a lot very dear to my heart” — became the 31st item to go under the hammer.

Before the auction, Sotheby’s predicted the eclectic offerings, covering movies, guitars, art, watches, sporting memorabilia and Crowe’s jewelry gifts to Spencer, would bring between AU$2.6 million and AU$3.7 million.

Crowe tweeted after the five-hour auction that he had earned AU$3.7 million, with potential sales worth AU$350,000 still under negotiation.

“A bunch of stuff I didn’t really want to sell coming home … not a bad hourly rate for a 5-hour shift,” he tweeted.

Bidders’ interest had been expected to focus on the violin and paraphernalia from “Gladiator,” the 2000 blockbuster that earned Crowe his Academy Award for Best Actor. Demand for movie memorabilia often overwhelmed expectations.

Crowe’s torso armor, expected to fetch up to AU$30,000, sold for AU$125,000.

A replica Roman chariot, thought to be worth up to AU$10,000, was sold for AU$65,000.

A leather boxer’s protector, worn by Crowe when he played heavyweight champion James J. Braddock in the 2005 movie “Cinderella Man,” estimated to bring between AU$500 and AU$600, sold for AU$7,000 after intense bidding.

Sotheby’s was closer to the mark in valuing the maroon Doc Martens boots Crowe wore as the skinhead Hando in the 1992 movie “Romper Stomper.” The pair sold for AU$10,000, while Sotheby’s had anticipated between AU$10,000 and AU$15,000.

But some lots failed to reach the reserve, including a 2008 custom motorcycle built by California’s Orange County Choppers that was turned in on a bid for AU$35,000. It’s painted a distinctive green and red, the colors of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, the Australian Rugby League team that Crowe part-owns.

lorde whitney houston bathtub snap controversy

Generally, singer Lorde is not one to get involved in any scandals or controversy. However, a recent Instagram post that she put up ended up getting her in hot water, as she unintentionally offended thousands of devoted music fans.

On Thursday, Lorde took to her Instagram to share a photo of a filled-up bathtub in which she was just preparing to step into. On top of the photo, Lorde included the lyrics, “And iiiii will always love you.” Here, she was evidently referencing the 1992 Whitney Houston cover of the song “I Will Always Love You.” While it was clear that the “Yellow Flicker Beat” artist had no intention to offend anyone, Whitney’s cause of death clearly slipped the young star’s mind. As you may remember, Whitney died in her bathtub after overdosing in 2012. This connection did not sit well with fans, who accused Lorde of being insensitive.

It was only a few minutes after she posted the image did Lorde take it down, evidently realizing the mistake she had made. The star posted an explanation and apology saying, “Extremely, extremely poorly chosen quote. I’m so sorry for offending anyone – I hadn’t’ even put it together I was just excited to take a bath. I’m an idiot. Love Whitney forever and ever. Sorry again.”

The star clearly felt bad about the slip-up as she proceeded to post another slide to her Instagram story in which she vented about having an all-around bad day.

Hey, it’s Rocky and Rocky?

Sylvester Stallone had passersby doing double takes and chanting “Rocky! Rocky!” on Friday as he made a surprise visit to the statue of his iconic Rocky Balboa character in Philadelphia.

The 71-year-old Stallone has played the underdog boxing champ in seven “Rocky” films since 1976 and is currently in the City of Brotherly Love making the sequel to the 2015 hit “Creed.”

Stallone took a break from shooting to join Mayor Jim Kenney at the statue, next to the Philadelphia Art Museum steps he famously climbed in the first “Rocky” film.

They rededicated a plaque that had been lost for 12 years, and Kenney presented him with a personalized jersey from the Super Bowl champion Eagles.

Stallone commissioned the statue for “Rocky III” in 1980.

terminator reboot pushed back due to james cameron heads

Paramount has pushed the sixth “Terminator” movie back three months.

The studio said the move is not related to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s open-heart surgery last week.

The studio made the announcement Friday that it was changing the release date of the untitled movie from July 26, 2019, to Nov. 22, 2019. Paramount said that the date change had been in the works before his undergoing the emergency procedure at a Los Angeles hospital.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesman said on March 30 that the 70-year-old actor said “I’m back” on waking up from the procedure and was in good spirits. Schwarzenegger, who served as governor of California from 2003-2011, was attached last year to return to the “Terminator” franchise for the sixth film in the series.

Linda Hamilton will be returning as Sarah Connor, with Schwarzenegger also on board to reprise the role of his iconic cyborg. The sequel will be produced by Skydance and series creator James Cameron. The upcoming film will mark the first time that Hamilton, Schwarzenegger, and Cameron will be working together on the franchise since 1991’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, although Cameron has said that the film will be a direct sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

Hamilton starred in the first two pics, starting with “The Terminator,” which was released in 1984. Connor was a waitress hunted down by a killer cyborg, played by Schwarzenegger, sent from the future to kill her in order to prevent her from giving birth to the savior of mankind.

Paramount Pictures is distributing domestically with 20th Century Fox handling the movie internationally. “Deadpool” director Tim Miller is directing.

donald trump jr hugging daddy with wife vanessa penis size envy

Vanessa Trump endured her husband’s philandering for years, but only filed for divorce last month as she and her family recently shared in a multi-million dollar windfall related to her late father’s investments, media outlets have learned.

Vanessa Trump’s dad, Charles Haydon, died in February 2005, just months before Vanessa married Donald Trump Jr. — President Trump’s eldest son — in an elaborate ceremony at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, the Trumps’ vacation home.

Haydon was a storied Manhattan lawyer whose clients included Marilyn Monroe and Broadway producer and real estate mogul Abe Hirschfeld. He left an estate valued at $2.5 million to his wife Bonnie Kay Haydon, according to court records.

But documents filed in connection to Haydon’s estate in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court do not list any of the deceased lawyer’s assets. Sources close to the Haydon family said that their recent windfall came from stocks and other investments that had matured since Haydon’s death.

“I can’t speculate as to how much they received, but it was life-changing,” said a source.

Last fall, Bonnie Haydon, 71, bought a sprawling Fifth Avenue penthouse, paying $6.4 million in cash, according to public records. She purchased the lavish apartment from the widow of Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

With her family’s newfound financial security, an emboldened Vanessa, 40, finally filed for divorce from Trump Jr.

“There have been numerous affairs,” said the source. “This divorce has been in the works for a long time.”

The divorce is contested, according to a source close to the family, and lawyers from both sides are currently in negotiations over the custody of the couple’s five young children.

They are also wrangling over their prenuptial agreement — the same one used by President Trump in his marriages, the source told media outlets.

After 12 years of marriage, the couple has three sons and two daughters, aged between 3 and 10.

In 2010, while Vanessa, a former model, and actress, was pregnant with the couple’s third child, Trump Jr. allegedly had an affair with Aubrey O’Day, a singer and former Playboy model whom he met while she was starring in NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The reality show was hosted by Trump Jr.’s father. Trump Jr. was an “advisor” on the program.

Haydon did not return messages seeking comment. David Feureisen, a Westchester lawyer close to the Haydon family who is representing Vanessa in her divorce, did not respond to media requests for comment.

Calls to Blank Rome, the Manhattan firm representing Trump Jr., were not returned.

In a 2007 radio interview Trump Jr., now 40, joked about being invited to the Playboy Mansion with his pregnant wife. The interview is further up in the article to hear.

“Can you believe the hell I’m going through?” said Trump Jr. to Los Angeles talk show host Adam Carolla. “I’m at the Playboy Mansion with a pregnant wife! It doesn’t get worse than that, does it?”

adam rippon gus kenworthy friendship for olympics gay

Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy were best friends at first sight.

“It was like sparks flying,” Kenworthy said in an interview with Out Magazine. “We met, and hugged, and vented about our accommodation, and talked about the people on our team, and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ and then suddenly we were best friends.”

The athletes, who were the only openly gay Olympians on Team USA at the PyeongChang Games, originally connected on social media and began messaging and cheering each other on a few months before they found out if they qualified for the Games.

adam rippon gus kenworthy bulging olympic gay love

Rippon became the first openly gay American to take home a medal at the Winter Olympics, winning a bronze in the team figure skating event. Kenworthy, a freestyle skier, took home a silver at the Sochi games in 2014, but wasn’t ready to come out until the following year.

“You know, it was really important for me to find Gus,” Rippon told the magazine. “We joke around a lot, but being able to experience the opening ceremony with somebody that I know has felt a lot of those same feelings as me was important.”

He continued, “I thought of everything I had been through as a young kid to get to that moment, and to feel confident, and to feel that I really liked who I was.”

Kenworthy admits his first time in the Olympics wasn’t the best experience because he wasn’t being honest about who he was.

“I felt like a fraud. I wasn’t being myself,” he said. “I had a boyfriend at the time that I wasn’t telling anybody about — and I wasn’t out to my parents. And then post-Games every interviewer asked me, ‘Who’s your celebrity crush? What’s your type of girl? What’s your ideal date?’ And I was just lying. And I hated myself for it.”

Being out and having his bestie by his side made his second time around that much better.

“To be in PyeongChang, and get to walk into this huge stadium as myself, as an out gay man, and do it alongside Adam was the biggest, best moment of my entire life,” Kenworthy said. “That was why it was so important for me to find him. Because I felt like we had the same story, and I wanted to share that moment with him. It was the highlight of the entire Games for me.”

Rippon added, “It was mine too.”

At the 2018 Games, both Kenworthy and Rippon shaded Vice President Mike Pence in response to his LGBT views.

It was recently revealed that Rippon is dating Finnish looker Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, while Kenworthy made headlines after sharing a kiss with his boyfriend, Matt Wilkas, after his run during the slopestyle contest.