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Hope Hicks warned Donald Trump about those Donald Trump Jr. emails

As part of our ongoing series breaking down the Robert Mueller Russia report into more bitesize digestible portions, this part regards how former White...

Beyoncé amping up Coachella, Donald Trump Jr. penis chat and ‘Terminator’ reboot

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Beyonce is making up for missing Coachella, Donald Trump Jr long lost interview surfaces where he compares his and daddy Donald Trump's penis size and attraction to step mom number 2 Melania Trump. Terminator reboot pushed back, Russell Crowe leather jockstrap sold and Gus Kenworthy.

Donald Trump Jr. releases e-mails bringing Russia home

Donald Trump Jr. is proving to be as bright as his father with the latest Russia explosion, and he released his e-mails dealing with it since he wanted to get ahead of it

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